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Apr 26, 2013 04:13 AM

Cheesecake brownies?

I was thinking of baking a pan of brownies but I really love cheesecake and I try to incorporate it in any possible desserts, and I know there are cheesecake brownies out there but they all seem so...thin! I like my brownies thicker than that, like maybe an inch or so? With added chopped walnuts. And I was looking at Joy Of Baking's recipe for cheesecake brownies but I would like a more crumby, cake-like brownie, not dense, fudgy ones. Anyone have any ideas or recipes to help me out? Thanks so much xo

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  1. I really like the marble cheescake brownie recipe in the Ultimate Brownie cookbook by Bruce Weinstein. Of course you can just take the recipe for the cheesecake topping part and use it with your favorite cake brownie recipe.

    1. i like smittenkitchen's brownies.

      you can whiz cream cheese, some vanilla and an egg yolk in the food pro and simply swirl that into whichever brownie recipe you like.