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Apr 26, 2013 02:02 AM

Suggestions for other nibbles around Nong's 10th & Alder?

I am counting the days 'til my trip back to my food nirvana, aka Portland. Our first stop off the plane will be to Nong's Khao Man Gai on a Thursday afternoon. I would also like to try some new spots. Blue Star doughnuts are on the list. Any other suggestions that are within walking distance? I am open to anything unique & delish but am from So Cal so Mexican is probably last on my list unless it is something unbelievable. Looking for quick bites in the area not sit down. Would also love to find a good unique ice tea, spritzer, or lemonade type drink too if anyone knows of any! Thx in advance!!

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  1. A bit further away: Pie at Lauretta Jeans (tiny downtown location) at 6th and Pine (I think)

    Near BLUESTAR:
    Ice Cream at Ruby Jewel
    Drinking chocolate at CACAO
    Fries at LARDO

    1. Have you tried the Frying Scotsman? Altho more than a nibble, still very very's on the other side of the pod ...on 8th...

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      1. Mai Pho on Alder between 9th-10th.
        Noodle House (make their own noodles) Washington near 9th.
        Dump Truck (dumplings) on Alder between 10th-11th.

        Lauretta Jeans pies is 600 SW Pine, not in that area.

        1. Thanks so much for all the recs & the location clarification! Any good iced (nonalcohol) drinks? Anything like fruit/herb infused ice tea or lemonade nearby?

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            Ruby Jewel & Petunia's would have cold drinks.

            Coffee cart Alder between 10-11th carries Ristretto Roasters and fantastic pastries made by Bakeshop.

            Have fun. Report back!

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              Courier Coffee is not too far away and has some interesting drinks (not just coffee). I wonder if they will be doing iced teas with their wonderful teas when the weather gets a bit warmer?