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Apr 25, 2013 11:01 PM

Good pie places in South Bay / Peninsula?

Are there any good pie places in the South Bay or the Peninsula?

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  1. What do you like in a Pie?

    Palo Alto Creamery is big on pie, they have an entire pie counter and pie bakery in the back in the downtown PA location. They do a substantial to-go / take-out business. Oddly, there is _not a single mention_ of Pie on their website. Trust me, they have pie, give them a call. It's Huge Pie - a crust topping more than 2x the height of the pie plate. I have not eaten even a single slice, which is peculiar. I like my father's pie, don't bother eating pie when out.

    Pie being kind of a southern (us) thing, or at least a diner thing, that kind of cooking isn't strong like you have in the east bay - places like Bakesale Betty's. South India, sure --- South East Asia, sure --- The South, not so much. I wonder if there are places in south san jose.

    When I think "pie" down here I usually go over to Drager's and get whatever looks good, which is a thin reed. I'll end up with a gallette for a dinner party.

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      I don't think Bakesale Betty sells pies any longer. Or it's very limited, and irregular like the hours and everything else. They made some exceptional pies however.

    2. Anyone know if Ann's Coffee Shop in Menlo Park still makes its own pies? Only had breakfast there . . . and that was in 2005.

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        My sister had their coconut cream pie couple of years ago and liked was too sweet for my taste. But to answer your question, I think they still make their own pies.

        I prefer cherry/berry pies and around here, I like Draeger's & Whole Foods; although, these are nothing compared to a berry pie I had from Michigan a few years ago. Tried Susie Cakes in Menlo Park but wasn't thrilled. I think ratio of filling to crust was too much or I waited too long to eat it (bought for surprise party but didn't work out and ended up eating a day or two later).

        Have also heard of Pilgrim Kitchen in Belmont...may be other hounds can chime in on this one.

      2. The Half Moon Bay Bakery makes some pretty kick-ass pie and there is also the Pie Ranch and Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero, both of which are known for their pies.

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          Warning on Pie Ranch: they sold from a Santa Cruz bakery over this past summer and not their own. The drive out from SF wasn't always do-able or efficient according to the staffer there.

          I can't recall if it was on Sunday they sold the other pies, or Sat and Sunday but FYI just the same. Also could change this season. I'd call.

          1. re: ML8000

            My pie purchase at Pie Ranch was baked by Companion Bakeshop in Santa Cruz, as posted here,

            I recall asking about the relationship with Mission Pie, and it seemed not to be as tied as I had previously been lead to believe. Looking at Mission Pie's website now, Pie Ranch is not even listed as a supplier.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              They were connected at the start. Not sure now. Any way, Mission Pies are really good...and was disappointed buying the non MP pie since they weren't as good.

          2. re: CarrieWas218

            Duarte's is known for pie despite making really lousy crust.

          3. Thanks for all the tips. I like a good crust, followed by the filling. I sampled the banana cream pie at Pilgrim Kitchen in Belmont but was not impressed (very bland filling, crust was not flaky or substantial). My go-to place for pie so far has been Marie Callendar's, which are vanishing one by one. I'll try Palo Alto Creamery some time, and Duarte's Tavern if I ever drive out there on the 1 (I read that they're famous for their ollalieberry pie).

            1. You might check Beckmann's website for the farmers markets in the South Bay where it sells. The pie crust is very good.