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Apr 25, 2013 10:45 PM

Romantic Weekend in NYC - How am I doing?

My wife and I (early/mid 30's) are planning a romantic long weekend in NYC around Memorial Day - May 23 to 26. We've both been to New York many times. We enjoy fine dining, though I'd say we are far from being "foodies". We love a great room, fun atmosphere and amazing food and are not afraid to pay for the pleasure now and then.
I've put together a food itinerary and I would love to know everyone's thoughts on what if anything I should change.
Also, I'd love to know if anyone has recommendations on bars/lounges that we can mix in to this itinerary that are particularly fun. We're staying at the Standard in the Meat Packing District.

I've got reservations at all of the below.

Thursday - Arrive late afternoon.

Dinner - Buddakan (This is the weakest food option I know. But it has sentimental value for us.)


Dinner - Jean Georges


Brunch - Stanton Social
Dinner - 15 East (we love sushi!)


Lunch - Per Se

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. Luxurious weekend! What type and how big a lunch would you want on Friday, if anything?

    For recommendations for cocktail bars, I think you're really best off searching for kathryn's list, if she doesn't post it here first. :-)

    1. I would check out Bathtub Gin for drinks right near your hotel. Great list of places too!

      1. I like Stanton Social fine for brunch, but were I only to have one brunch available I'd lean towards Public - no rezzies, but there's rarely much (if any) wait for a two-top, and there's dining at the bar as well, or you can lounge with coffee or a cocktail until your table is ready. Best (and by far most creative) brunch in the city. But don't get me wrong, SS ain't bad at all.

        I would replace Buddakan, of course, but you can't pass judgement on sentimental value, I suppose.

        Of the midtown Frenchies, JG is one of the more interesting ones, but I don't find the room or the service remotely romantic - it's a bit stiff and corporate to me. Maybe since you're doing Per Se fit in a high-end Italian place instead? Del Posto is probably the most "romantic" in ambience, but Lincoln (or Babbo, which is romantic to me but maybe not to everyone) could be good options as well.

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          More romantic table in JG is couple of alcoves along the wall that still gives you a good look of the room with more private and for me very romantic seclusion.

        2. I would pass on Stanton Social for brunch. It's not very good. Maybe do Lincoln for brunch. I also think Per Se is a ripoff, but if you really must go...