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Where to Locate Mexican Ingredients

Hi all
As this months cookbook of the month on chow hound is Mexican Everyday, I'm looking for some good suggestion on where to locate Mexican ingredients. I live downtown. Thanks in advance all.

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  1. Granville Island
    Safeway ( Broadway)

    1. Los Guerreros on Kingsway may have what you need

      1. Some local Mexican restaurants in surrey also have a small store attached and sell Mexican supplies. In particular, taqueria Jalisco and la conquistadora. Both sells all kinds of Mexican ingredients at a cheaper price in comparison to say, whole foods. Got anchos, guajilos, castabells, pazole, and a bunch of other Mexican ingredients there.

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          The Safeway stores usually have a section where they feature 'blister packs' of Mexican spices for about a buck.
          Often on end caps of the aisle, they have ground cumin, all kinds of different peppers, tamarind, chili powders, etc. I bought 4 yesterday at our equivalent to Safeway, ground cumin, whole cumin, coriander seeds, star anise = $.98 each. Plus they also have a Goya section.

        2. Not in the downtown core, but here are a few:
          Latin Market, on 13th Ave at Commercial Drive
          Ruiz's Latin Market, on 41st Ave at Knight St. (next to Duffins)
          El Pugarcito Restaurant, 2522 E Hastings St. (Mexican and El Salvadoran products)

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            Thanks all, thus far i think the Latin Market on 13th sounds like the closes and the safest bet for me.

          2. ...just tell us what you end up making and if you need help with anything we're only a click away, happy to help. good luck

            1. Sunrise Market on Cordova also has some goya product, plus an eclectic selection of stuff. At the very least, worth a visit for the $1/bag produce.

              1. go over to Lonsdale Quay - some good fresh corn tortillas, the fresco cheese - in a little market stand in the central aisle.
                i think it might be this place ...

                often you'll find the tomatillos in the supermarket here - i have bought the corn husks for tamales from que pasa but i believe they might be at Lonsdale Quay market ... ps i was shocked how expensive they are in the "cost cutter" in Lyndon WA the other day - a big box supermarket that appears to cater to a hispanic segment -

                maseca is readily avail at most major supermarkets - about 4 or 5 dollars for a bag - in the flour aisle.

                go to the rummage and find an electric pancake griddle - that's what my guatamalan friends use to cook daily their fresh homemade corn tortillas.

                make the tortilla dough in to flat "pancake" in a tortilladora (spell?) - between the basic plastic bags that you get in the vegetable section of the supermarket - that's what my friends use for "non stick" - then cook on the hot griddle

                have fun!

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                  That little place @ Lonsdale Quay has been there for ages and it's a great store-very handy for someone who lives downtown too.

                2. Thanks for asking about this, delys77. I've got a whole week of meals planned from this book & was going to head out this afternoon in search of all the pantry items I will need. First up is the roasted tomatillo salsa.

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                    delys77 -- just got back from Latin Supermarket. They didn't have any dried chiles and no canned chipotles in adobo either, in case you are looking for those! I stopped by South China Seas to try and find them, and it turns out they're closed on Mondays at the Victoria Drive location. Off to Galloways next. Please post here if you have any luck at the Lonsdale Quay shop as I may stop by there when I'm on the North Shore this week.

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                      Hey geekmom, I've just been swamped with work the last week or so, thus I haven't had time to try any of the great suggestions here. I will definitely keep you posted.

                      When you said the Latin market did you mean the one on Commercial?

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                        Latin Supermarkt (on Commercial) doesn't have great inventory, unfortunately.

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                          Isnt there another latin supermarket (not called Latin supermarket, just ethnic food) on commercial?

                          I bought achiote paste and guajillo peppers (dried) from there. I want to say that it is between commercial station and Prado coffee or somewhere along commercal on that side of the street within a 5 block radius.

                          Anyone know which shop I am talking about?

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                          Yes, that's the one - I think it's at Commercial & 13th or 14th, on the west side of the street.

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                            Ah! Found it... I think it was this:


                            I bought a bag of 50 fresh mini corn tortillas for like $3 as well.

                            Pretty sure this is the one.....

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                          dried chilies and chipotles in adobo are available at my neighbourhood Choices Market (Yaletown), and also at some Save On Foods locations.

                      2. Fresh is Best (2972 West Broadway, a couple blocks west of MacDonald). Check out their website...

                        1. What is it you are looking for? Many Mexican ingredients I purchase online.

                          1. how is your mexican cooking project going? Just curious what you've found on your forays and learned along the way

                            any shortcuts for the not-so-foodie cook like me? (eg like things we can buy in our local supermarket readily in bc)

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                              Hi GS I'm only about 4 days in but sofar so good. I'll update you all as the month progresses. Alternatively, you can always see what everyone else is saying in the current cookbook of the month thread.

                            2. why not try some online markets for spices, beans and chiles?

                              1. as a PS - i was reading the "Eggs & Toast" thread on Home Cooking board - and someone mentioned this recipe - maybe you still have time to fit it in to Mayo esp w/ the long wkd brunch opportunity - looks like we could get many of these ingredients in Greater Vanc

                                "hidden eggs"