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Apr 25, 2013 10:32 PM

Where to Locate Mexican Ingredients

Hi all
As this months cookbook of the month on chow hound is Mexican Everyday, I'm looking for some good suggestion on where to locate Mexican ingredients. I live downtown. Thanks in advance all.

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  1. Granville Island
    Safeway ( Broadway)

    1. Los Guerreros on Kingsway may have what you need

      1. Some local Mexican restaurants in surrey also have a small store attached and sell Mexican supplies. In particular, taqueria Jalisco and la conquistadora. Both sells all kinds of Mexican ingredients at a cheaper price in comparison to say, whole foods. Got anchos, guajilos, castabells, pazole, and a bunch of other Mexican ingredients there.

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        1. re: McChungy

          The Safeway stores usually have a section where they feature 'blister packs' of Mexican spices for about a buck.
          Often on end caps of the aisle, they have ground cumin, all kinds of different peppers, tamarind, chili powders, etc. I bought 4 yesterday at our equivalent to Safeway, ground cumin, whole cumin, coriander seeds, star anise = $.98 each. Plus they also have a Goya section.

        2. Not in the downtown core, but here are a few:
          Latin Market, on 13th Ave at Commercial Drive
          Ruiz's Latin Market, on 41st Ave at Knight St. (next to Duffins)
          El Pugarcito Restaurant, 2522 E Hastings St. (Mexican and El Salvadoran products)

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          1. re: Scoffier

            Thanks all, thus far i think the Latin Market on 13th sounds like the closes and the safest bet for me.

          2. ...just tell us what you end up making and if you need help with anything we're only a click away, happy to help. good luck