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Hilarious video spoof

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about hipsters photographing their food and such. Totally true and chuckle worthy. Enjoy.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is hysterical. Thanks for sharing...it is perfect!

    Gotta admit, some of those food shots had me drooling, though.

            1. It's YAK-i-ma, you guys. Those hipsters must be East Coasters to get that wrong.

              1. sal, I've just read some of your posts for the first time (re parm and gran padano) and I have to thank you for that moniker photo. can't begin to tell you how wonderful it makes me feel. I want to wake up to that sweet face every day.

                1. As an admitted fan of and a Ch recapper of Top Chef (but a non-blogger), I broke out at this video - perfect!