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Apr 25, 2013 09:11 PM

Surf - Portsmouth NH

This review is for the few seats in front of the Oyster Station only.

Sit down. Say hello to your shucker Chris and have a few of whatever they're offering.

They usually only have four varieties of oyster available plus cherrystones but each variety is a perfect example of species and all are opened flawlessly.

The wine list is decent and probably pairs well with whatever is on the menu but I wouldn't know because I've only had oysters and clams.

There are a few beers on draught and if you ask about cocktail offerings you're going to get pointed to the List. They have a few interesting bottles of spirits but unless you want to educate the bartender as to the ingredients and build (not really a bad thing in some places) stick to the bivalves and wine. Oh, and they do have a decent Bloody Mary garnished with two cocktail shrimps.

I can imagine that in a few weeks this place is going to get crushed with Tourista so go now.

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  1. Thanks for the rec. I'm going to check it out next weekend when I am in town. Do you know what time they start serving the raw bar at the oyster station?

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      I'm pretty sure they start service at 11am.