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Apr 25, 2013 06:59 PM

Thai Food In Portland

The husband and I are on the hunt for the best Thai in Portland. We'll be staying near the Maine Mall and are looking for some good Thom Kai Gai and a Massaman dish or two. Additionally, looking to take our hostess out for breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning and would like a suggestion of a local place as opposed to chain restaurant. Thanks for your help yet again.

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  1. Boda Thai in Portland, by far. But it has a revolving menu so you may not find some of the standard dishes you're looking for. But Boda is so good.

    Beyond Boda, Portland has many thai places which are pretty standard. I haven't been anywhere Thai other than Boda in a couple years--so hopefully someone else will chime in?

    Portland is a big brunch town! And it's very easy to avoid chain restaurants here. Good options are Caiola, Local 188, Petite Jacqueline, and Hot Suppa. If you're looking for something more breakfasty that opens earlier than a brunch place, the Porthole as reopened and the food is quite good!

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      Thanks so much. With those in mind we'll have a great place to start!

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        Boda, ditto.
        Caiola, Local 188, Petite Jacqueline, Hot Suppa for brunch, ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto.
        I did make it over to the new and improved Porthole yesterday for a nice lunch on the deck - if it's a nice day a definite breakfast option.

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          At the Porthole, I'm happy to see a dutch baby pancake on a Portland menu!

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I did make it to Boda on Saturday night. the pad thai was so uniquely done. Perfect. Service excellent. I am still looking for the exact proportions of the Amethest Lemonade. Exquisite.