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Apr 25, 2013 06:48 PM

Dinner suggestions near Marriott Desert Ridge

Looking for some yummy dinner options near our hotel (JW Marriott Desert Ridge). We love supporting tasty local establishments (no chains) and are seeking casual, reasonably priced food within 15-20 minutes driving from our hotel. We will have a well-behaved 3 year old with us, so something kid-friendly is a plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. Enter 'ridge' as a search term. When the results show, click the radio button to search the past 5 years. Check to make sure recommended restaurants are still in business. Sorry I can't offer more.

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      Thanks! This is helpful as I was not able to find anything in the search that included Marriott.

    2. Here are some great local places near the Marriott...and most are kid friendly!

      Jalapeno Inferno - Great Mexican food with the classics and also some fun twists! The chips ara awesome!

      LAMP Wood Oven Pizza - Amazing wood fired pizza by a Venetian certified pizza maker

      Cocomo Joe's - Casual restaurant/bar with TV's and sometimes live music - their Beach Burger is top notch

      Humble Pie - They have multiple locations, but it is just a local chain. The pizza's are great, and kids eat free on Sundays!

      Nick's Italian - Huge menu, fresh food and very family friendly, their chicken parmesan is awesome, and not breaded!

      The White Chocolate Grill - A modern grill in a sleek atmosphere, but is still family friendly. The cold couscous salad is delicious!

      Good luck...and happy eating!

      1. Okay, so fellow Chowhounds ... I searched the boards under "Ridge" as suggested for the past five years and I am still at a loss. Most of the suggestions I have found are fine dining and would not be appropriate for a three year old. The only options I have found so far that we don't already have in Dallas are Pita Jungle and Humble Pie. Surely this is not all that Phoenix has to offer in terms of tasty moderately priced fare????? Please help! I have always gotten great responses from fellow Chowhounds when trip planning and I could really use some help. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance to anyone who has pity on me!

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          Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. It is very helpful! Off to research these new options.

        2. In that area, Andreoli Italian Grocery could be your best bet for high quality food in a casual setting. Everything at Andreoli is made with great care and top-notch ingredients, but I tend to focus on the ever-changing daily specials isted on a white board next to the main menu. The specials list usually consists of 6 or 7 different dishes, e.g., a soup, a pasta with meat ragu, a pasta with vegetables, a seafood dish with or without pasta, grilled beef, and a baked pasta.

          Market Street Kitchen is also relatively close. I've had great food from their chef (Matt Taylor) when he was at other restaurants, but I've yet to try his food at MSK.

          Lamp Pizza is also fairly close. I've heard glowing reports from people I trust, but I haven't been there myself.

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            Agree to all of this. Andreoli's is very casual but very well executed - order at the counter, so perfect for kids. When I've gone on weekend nights there are typically lots of kids there.

            I've also heard the cafe at the Musical Instrument Museum is really good (not just for a museum, really good in general) but haven't been before.

            Salty Sow is a new spot - technically a chain with a couple other locations I think, but good things have been said. Might be worth checking out.

            1. re: PHXeater

              The cafe at The Musical Instrument Museum has been excellent on my visits. There has always been something for everyone and much of it is cooked to order. The museum is not "museum-ish" at all and might be a great spot for an interested 3 year old since many of the exhibits are interactive.

            2. re: hohokam

              Market Street Kitchen - had dinner recently. They advertise that the new Chef is Matt Taylor who is from Noca and Michael Mina Nob Hill in LV. I have dined at both of these places many times and can say that the food at MSK is nowhere near the level of either of these. We had dbl Pork Chop, best entree, Niman Ranch Pork. Grits and kimchee served with Pork was good. Asked for some more grits to finish, and was served a portion of bland, unseasoned grits and charged $7 for the xtra. Orecchiette pasta was good flavor and texture but needs more rapini. Rotisserie chicken was dry and bland, tasted like it was cooked the day before and reheated. Dessert was a chocolate cake, small dry half cupcake portion, with two thick gloppy sauces smeared unattractively on the plate. Poor execution and not worth the $9 charge. I think it nice that they have experienced chefs like Robert McGrath and Matt Taylor associated with this restaurant, however neither of them were cooking during my visit, and the kitchen staff clearly has not been trained to prepare the food properly. Also noted was no visible presence of any manager. MSK tells a good story but it was amateur hour on the night I was there. No reason to return.

              1. re: mdietrich

                I think the comparison to Michael Mina and Noca is misplaced--I've never had the sense that MSK aspired to be like either of them.

                That said, no matter what style of food the restaurant is putting out, the kitchen should definitely be striving to do it well.

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                  Interesting. We had the pleasure of dining with Chef Matt Taylor, at NOCA, on three occasions, and love it. The first, we had guests, who refused to do the "Tasting Menu," but returned the next night, just to do that. We then returned about 4 weeks later. We greatly enjoyed those last to occasions, and Chef Taylor garnered our respect for his dishes. We were greatly saddened to learn that he had left Eliot and NOCA, as we enjoyed the menu so much.

                  Wishing him the best of luck, and will try to get to MSK, ASAP.