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Apr 25, 2013 03:25 PM

White Negroni

What are your ideal liquors and proportions?

I must admit this Campari fan is a little weirded out by the thread discussing the red dye. Duh, right? But I really never thought about it before and I would normally eschew anything with red dye on principle. Plus I picked up a bottle of Cocchi Americano...which I am finding overwhelmingly sweet in the few cocktails I have used it in.

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  1. While I rather enjoy the idea of drinking little insects, the red dye doesn't bother me. But if it bothers you, try Gran Classico. Gauging from it's yellowish color, it isn't intentionally colored.

    Cocchi Americano is sweet, but is it sweeter than Lillet? (Don't know, I haven't had both open at the same time in quite a while.) It's pretty great plain with lemon for balance.

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      Thanks so much for the rec. Added it to my list.

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        I tried switching to Gran Classico -- also in order to avoid the red dye -- but it's just not the same. It lacks some of the sharpness and intensity of Campari, and it's too sweet and syrupy. I'm back to the Campari now. Red dye and all. I'd pay handsomely for an undyed version, and even more for a dry version...

        To my taste Cocchi Americano is not any sweeter than Lillet. But wouldn't Bonal (Saler's) be the "more correct" choice? (That said, I have 3/4 of a bottle in my fridge. Don't think I can drink anymore -- I find it to be relatively disgusting.)

        1. re: davis_sq_pro

          I hadn't noticed the sweetness, but it is definitely different from Campari. I like it for a change. It is more floral as I recall, and doesn't have that "oh, that's Campari" profile that you recognize immediately.

          I also cycle through Luxardo Bitter. It is quite a bit cheaper, and just as (fake, I assume) red, but not quite as nice a profile as Campari.

          I'm lining up right behind you for an undyed or naturally dyed, drier version.

          I happen to have all three on hand. Maybe a trio of Negroni is in order tonight. :)
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            My favorite thing to do with the Gran Classico is to put some in a highball glass, squeeze in half a lemon, and top up with seltzer or club soda. Great drink for summer evenings after work while cooking something on the grill.

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              I did a 4-way comparison (including Cynar) and liked Campari best. You might not be surprised, but I was, at least a little. I wrote it up.

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            I'd say Cocchi Americano is sweeter than Lillet. It has the bitter quality that Lillet doesn't have, but I think there's also more sweetness there. Probably because, at least on its own, Lillet is a bit lighter while the Cocchi Americano comes in heavier on the palate, at least for me.

          3. These were the proportions I used. We actually tried Lillet and Cocchi Americano side-by-side. Some guests preferred one, others, the other. I thought both made a nice drink. It was last summer so I'm forgetting, but I think I preferred the Cocchi version.

            1 1/2 oz Gin
            1 oz Lillet Blanc/Cocchi Americano
            3/4 oz Suze