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Apr 25, 2013 03:12 PM

Farm-to-Table in Metro Detroit

I'm looking for some farm-to-table restaurant recommendations in Metro Detroit...

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    1. Tallulah, Forest Grill and Toast in Birmingham, Grange and Logan in Ann Arbor.

      1. Sometimes Salt & Cedar (letterpress with Market Studio Kitchen in the back) in Eastern Market has farm/market to table events, sometimes with binding and journal making workshops. Very cool people dedicated to both making art and also making great food from local sources (and teaching cooking, sourcing and better eating skills to youth). We attended a fundraising dinner to help equip the Kitchen with local and Market veggies, breads, etc. and a Mulefoot Berkshire hog specially raised by Melo Farms. Not a "show up any time" restaurant but a good place to have here and visit.