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Any unique Tiramisu recipes?

I am going to make my own birthday cake this year and have several on making a Tiramisu. I have made a traditional tiramisu before, and I like to be challenged in the kitchen, so I am looking for a unique tiramisu recipe.what do you guys have for me?

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  1. Well, I made a tiramisu-inspired Buche de Noel this year for Christmas, but I don't think that's what you're after for a summer birthday. I've been looking for an excuse to make this lemon version from Lidia Bastianich - you could probably do it with another fruit, too. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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      I have made that lemon tiramisu and it's delicious. Not the classic tiramisu flavours, but very light and lemony.

    2. Check out the tiramisu eggnog trifle at epicurious. When you come down to it, the custard really is an eggnog and a tiramisu is a trifle. It's the best I've ever made, better if you make your own ladyfingers.

      1. I like to make tiramisu cakes. I have made traditional and limoncellos ones but my favorite is lemon, raspberry and Marsala . I make a lemon chiffon cake, a Marsala sabayon mixed with whipped cream and marscapone, a raspberry coulli to moisten cake, lemon whipped cream to cover with almond brittle to crown the cake off. I also surround the cake with ladyfingers. Delish! I want to make an apple one next....

        1. This isn't tiramisu by any stretch of the imagination, but was inspired by it....

          Beat about 1/3 cup of hazelnut coffee syrup into 500 ml of marscapone cheese. Whip 250 ml of whipping cream, and fold it in. Soak lady fingers in sweetened almond milk. Spread a layer of lady fingers, half the cheese mixture, sprinkle with whole, fresh blueberries, another layer of lady fingers, the rest of the cheese, and more blueberries.

          Cook up 1 cup fresh lemon juice, the zest of the lemon and 1 cup white sugar until dissolved. Strain and cool. When you serve, drizzle a bit of the lemon syrup over the dessert.

          This is my go-to Christmas day dessert. I came up with it when I wanted something tiramisu like, but couldn't use coffee, alcohol or raw eggs for the guests.

          1. Use a carrot cake (preferrably one with nuts) as the base instead of lady fingers.

            Yeah it's different but isn't that what you wanted?

            1. I haven't tried any of the following, but I was planning to make a berry tiramisu last summer, during berry season. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

              There are some online recipes for limoncello tiramisus, meyer lemon tiramisus and raspberry tiramisus that look tempting.

              Strawberry and basil tiramisu looks interesting. http://canelakitchen.blogspot.ca/2012...

              Or Earl Grey and mango


              1. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to food and I always make traditional style tiramisu, one of the nicest I've tried is a Heston Blumenthal recipe I cut out of the Sunday Times years ago. I can't find it online now but someone has blogged about it: http://elenagranzulea.wordpress.com/2...

                For a more unusual version, have you seen his flower pot tiramisu? http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes...

                1. Do you like bananas?

                  Layers of dark rum brushed lady fingers, whipped sweetened mascarpone cheese, lots of fresh sliced bananas, fresh whipped cream, shaved dark chocolate. Assemble the layers and chill until served.

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                    That sounds really good. I would love to try it w/ caramelized bananas.

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                      I have and it's lovely that way too. Just prepare and let it cool down before assembling the layers but I also cut back on any add'l sugar/sweetening in the masc. cheese and whipped cream.

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                        Thanks--this might be my next dessert!

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                        ooooooooh Carmelized Bananas-yummy

                    2. Use black chai tea instead of espresso for soaking the ladyfingers, a combination of cocoa powder & ground cinnamon for dusting, and chai spices (e.g. cardamom, cinnamon, ginger) for flavoring the cream.

                      I'd also love a variation made with matcha (green tea):

                      1. i make tiramisu with a healthy dose of jack daniels for my father-in-law who is from tennessee. i think it is why i am his favorite daughter-in-law. also, maybe because i am his only daughter-in-law. ;) haha!

                        1. If Hostess had not gone under, you could have tried making it with Twinkies instead of lady fingers or sponge cake.

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                            Where have you been? They are back :) or at least will be very soon

                            Except I don't care much for those things so I rescind that smiley face