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Apr 25, 2013 01:17 PM

Suggestions? Five hours in Brooklyn.

I lived in Cobble Hill for many years and miss it a lot. I'm in Riverdale now and my husband and I have to drop my daughter in Bay Ridge for a 5 hour party on Saturday. We probably have time for dinner AND a movie. I know we could find a restaurant with valet parking but, ideally, we don't want to have to move the car. What neighborhoods, if any, still have street parking? If there are good restaurants in those areas,even better. thanks.

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  1. Check out the Arab section of Bay Ridge. Multiple Middle Eastern delights.

    Bamboo Pavillion, on 69th Street and 18th Avenue, is very good -- try the smoked duck -- assuming it's still operating at full strength.

    Totonno's pizzaria is not too far away.

    All the Russian stuff is not too far away. Try Cafe Glechik.

    1. if you really want to see a movie, you might start by picking one of the few remaining movie theaters and finding a dinner destination nearby. For example, there is one is Sheepshead Bay and Russian/Caucasian restaurants nearby, like Baku Palace, Cafe Glechik, and Pirosmani

      There is also the Alpine in Bay Ridge (5th Ave), near a whole milddle eastern strip. For good Szechuan in Bay Ridge, try Grand Sichuan house, just S of 86th Street. There is a municipal parking garage at 86th and 5th that is convenient in that area,

      1. You could do dinner and a movie in the same place at Nighthawk Cinema (I've not been so I can't vouch).

        1. Thanks for the ideas. Nighthawk, especially, which sounds like a lot of fun. Is there anyone who has been there and can give feedback?

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            I've been. It is fun. The food is not stellar but it's fine. And you can have a beer before or after at the bar. Or during in the theater.

            Saturday nights there usually sell out, so if you want to do this, buy your tickets beforehand. And get there early to line up so you can get good seats.

            If you want to revisit your old neighborhood, Cobbile Hill Cinemas is still going strong, with plenty of eating options all up and down Court and Smith sts. And it's still possible to park on the street, though it's getting slightly harder on saturday nights.

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              Thanks! That's great to know. Might do Nitehawk, in which case I'll get tickets today. But would love to go to Cobble Hill. I lived on Strong Place for years and went to Cobble Hill Cinema all the time. Used to sneak in chocolate chip cookies from College Bakery. Is it still there?

              1. re: mary30

                Sadly, no. But Court Pastry Shop is there, and there's a branch of the Chocolate Room right next to the theater. The merged Monteleone / Cammerari Brothers store is also not too far away. And there's a fairly decent (although polarizing) joint called Strong Place on Court Street, in addition to a dozen new joints ranging from Italian to Northern Italian / German to Southern Italian! (I kid, there's also Ethiopian, Southern, Russian, and some New American spots nearby.)

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              Just went last night and had a great time. The food was solid and you can't beat having a couple of drinks while watching a movie.

            3. Amazing. Places we went all the time were Casa Rosa, Waterfront Ale House (which I know is still there), Antics (weird service)...I would love to go back to so many of them. But there's so much more now.

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                Casa Rosa is still there and they opened up the space so you can see that no one's eating there. (Kind of sad, to be honest.)