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Apr 25, 2013 12:59 PM

Peanut Oil in Local Grocery Stores - nearlly extinct?

Darned if I know why, but it seems the peanut oil has become scarce on the shelves of our local supermarkets. I've seen one size, somewhat larger than I want to buy, of Planter's brand. Harris Teeter has the same size in their house brand, but that's about it. Even my local Grand Mart has only the large bottle of Planters peanut oil. Nothing against Planters, but I go through about 16 ounces in about a year (I just use a tablespoon full at a time for wok cooking).

There are dozens of olive oils and oil from all sorts of plants, but peanut oil seems to be scarce. In lieu of the answer I want to hear, are y'all using some other kind of oil in your wok these days?

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  1. I never have trouble finding it at Giant.

    1. Have you checked the international aisle? My grocery store has a variety in the Asian section.

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        I rarely shop at Giant, but next time I'm near one, I'll take a look. Thanks for that tip. I did check the international section at my local Safeway and all I found there was more olive oils.

        Grocery stores can be odd that way, though. A while back I was looking for sour salt (citric acid) and thanks to Polly G, I think, found it as a Rokeach brand in the section with kosher items rather than with the spices. Or maybe I need to look in the snack foods section with the peanuts., ;)

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          Ain't that the truth. It's like hide and seek in there sometimes.

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            I usually see it in smaller than bulk sizes in Giant stores here in NoVA.

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              Around Thanksgiving time is when you see the five gallon containers for frying turkey. I wonder if they'll be around this year.

              I finally bit the bullet and bought a $5 quart bottle. In the process, I discovered that my go-to Asian market in the Culmore shopping center has disappeared.

              I know this sounds like I'm complaining about a trivial thing, but due to my rate of consumption, I'd rather buy my peanut by the pint for $3 than have to wonder if the oil in that now sticky bottle that's been on the shelf for more than two years is still good.

              Peanut oil REALLY IS the best for stir frying. Ask my last night's dinner of kung pao chicken.

        2. Usually, the international market or sections of our groceries store always carry it, but I'm way further north than you. I'm 20 miles from Frederick, and both in my hometown and there, Wal-Mart has never failed to sell peanut oil, usually by bulk sizing.

          One problem we experienced was a severe peanut-everything shortage when there was a large peanut product recall at the end of last year. The Asian market briefly stopped carrying it, but Wal-Mart still did. It made my dad a happy customer!

          1. Actually, much of the peanuts end up in China. At least for the last year. They think of peanut oil as we think of first cold pressed olive oil. Read the article in the Wall Street Journal from last week.Chinese markets are the best places to find peanut oil, I guess.

            1. I just bought a 24 pz bottle of peanut oil at my local Safeway (Canton neighborhood of Baltimore). Best as I can tell, peanut oil has a long shelf life.