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Apr 25, 2013 12:56 PM

Alpenhorn Gasthaus - Hermann, Missouri

DH and I ate at the Alpenhorn Gasthaus on Hwy. 100 east of Hermann (not very far, perhaps a mile) on Sat. night for our anniversary. They have a 4-course prix-fixe dinner menu for $50 per with one seating at 7:00 p.m. Menu changes seasonally of course, but ours had an appetizer of a jalapeno pepper stuffed with Havarti cheese, grilled with a Norton reduction; a seasonal salad of chopped kale and other veggies with a cinnamon vinaigrette dressing (sounds weird, but it worked), and the two offerings for entrees were pork tenderloin and salmon. I had the pork, and DH had the salmon. I liked the salmon better and will get next time as it was not fishy at all and served with an orange (very light) beurre blanc sauce. Desserts were bread pudding with whiskey sauce (DH) and I had a sublime dark chocolate tart with a strawberry (or raspberry?) coulis. DH had espresso afterward and it was outstanding as well. Hubby opted for locally-made German beers with his meal (Tin Mill Brewing), and I took advantage of the four-wine flight pairing with each course, for an additional $25. Oh yeah, they had homemade herbed rolls that were quite delicious, too. The proprietor, Adrian, is from Switzerland. It is also a B&B. I was feeling so good when I left there that I forgot my jacket, but Adrian has already mailed it back to me. Highly highly recommend this place for the quiet charming country ambiance and hospitality with a slightly European feel, and the exquisitely delicious food.

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  1. Sounds great - thank you for posting. I am usually In Hermann for business during the daytime. Do you have any recommendations for weekday lunches there? I have eaten at Wings-a-Blazin and it was surprisingly good.

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      Not sure about weekday lunches, Lisa. We live about 75 minutes from Hermann, so it's a "special trip" when we go. Have heard Wings a Blazin' IS good, although have not been there. There's a good Texas BBQ place on Schiller Street called Montague's, but I think it is only open Wed. - Sat. There's Simon's on the Waterfront, which is decent, and Black Walnut Bistro, but have never been to it. There's also Sharp's Corner Tavern downtown for greasy burgers and pizza. There's also Rivertown Cafe or something like that, and Downtown Deli. Don't know if the Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill serves lunch or not. Oh yes, there's The Cottage a little ways out of town east that's very good, and I think they still serve lunch. I would just look at some different websites about dining in Hermann for lunch and see what grabs you. Do some exploring and you'll wind up with way more experience than I do for Hermann lunch. Enjoy, and if you find someplace worth mentioning, do post about it. Good luck!