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Apr 25, 2013 12:54 PM

Inner Harbor / Fells Point

looking for a kid-friendly pub for a great burger after the Aquarium on Saturday

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  1. Kooper's Tavern is pretty good for a good burger and quite kid friendly during the daytime.

    1. I recommend Heavy Seas Alehouse-- excellent burgers (and fries) and a great kid menu. And you can't beat the beers!

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      1. re: stephanieg

        Not a beautiful walk from Inner Harbor but do-able. Quick drive/cab. Agreed, Heavy Seas is most chow-worthy for its beers. Joe Marunowski is one of the better brewmasters in the country and is turning out some very fine brews.

      2. Fells Point: Abbey Burger has solid burgers, is kid-friendly, and has a great beer selection, both in bottles and on draught. Kid menus, crayons, friendly.

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        1. re: chefdilettante

          I think this is in Federal Hill, but just a quick cab or walk from Fells Point/Inner Harbor.

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            Oops. Vapor lock. Fldkybnva is correct; Abbey Burger is in Federal Hill.