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jewel dessert ideas?

Hello hounds,
Our supper club is jewel-themed this month, and I'm dessert. I'm devoid of inspiration for some reason, so would love to hear any ideas of jewel or bijoux-themed desserts. Broadly applicable is fine - we once did a dinner themed "speed bump" and we made black-and-white cookies for dessert (speed bump = sleeping policeman = black-and-whites, get it?)

Anyway, I can get past making something ru-barb-y red. And I may end up doing that, but welcome alternative suggestions!

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  1. Fancy gelatin? Jewel shapes in a chocolate jewelry box?

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      Wyogal's post reminded me of these "jello jewels" from a couple of years back:

      Too bad you didn't get app/entree. Rocky Mountain oysters, anyone? ;)

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        Stained glass cookies. The kibd where you ake a sugar cookie dough, roll cookies, cut shaoes oyt of the centers and fill with crushed hard candes and bake. They are so pretty.

    2. Fruit gelees are very jewel-like, or pomegranate seeds have a jewel-like quality. Maybe thumbprint cookies, filled with glistening jam?

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        I was thinking of something topped w/ fruit gelee, maybe a terrine. Very jewel-like.

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          My first thought was a gelee, too, but a clear one with berries ("jewels") suspended in it.

          You could add blueberries to this prosecco gelee with raspberries and evoke rubies and sapphires: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

          Here's a Champagne gelee with red currants that you could sub other berries for: http://www.marthastewart.com/259389/c...

        2. Foil wrapped chocolates?
          Glitterati candy?
          Luster dust on chocolates???
          St Basil cake (it's a Catholic thing...very googable).

          I like the jewelry box by wyogal a lot, too.

          1. I agree on pomegranate being jewel like. Nigella Lawson has a lovely pomegranate eton mess recipe and I think in one of her books there's even a recipe called pomegranate jewel cake!

            1. Some sort of layer cake with fruits inside then decorate the top in diamond segments with jellies of said fruits. Red strawberries, green kiwi, gold apricot, blue.... Well forget blue.

              That's what I came up with anyway. You'd probably need a light base like buttercream to get the colors to pop though.

              Please take pictures of whatever you make :)

              1. Some thoughts:

                Dark chocolate mousse topped with pomegranate seeds and a bit of gold foil.

                Fruitcake (if you have the lead time)

                Marzipan grapes: Take a bunch of grapes. Detach maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of them. Roll some in sugar and reattach. Replace others with marzipan grapes, some rolled in sugar, others wrapped in gold foil.

                Practically any presentation with something like these: http://www.histoiresucree.com/product...

                1. fruit tarts...or tiny tartlets...you can even buy tartlet shells.

                  Be sure to glaze.

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                    thats what I thought of, tiny jeweled fruit tarts.

                  2. Window cookies? Not very complicated but they are pretty :) http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/m...

                    You could use darker berry or pomegranate candies so you get "jewel tones", and use jewel type shapes... diamonds or something.

                      1. Here's a link to Foodgawker and verrines. Granted, the red ones seem more jewel-like, but even the mango or lemon ones might work. There is yellow tourmaline, topaz, beryl, sapphire, and diamond.


                        1. Baklava cut into diamond shapes (with the jewel them in the shape, as opposed to other aspects of the dessert).

                          1. Broken glass Jello
                            Jam tarts
                            Red velvet cake
                            Diamonds = ice = frozen desserts
                            Diamonds = karats = carrot cake/cookies/cupcakes

                            1. Maybe cheesecake topped with pomegranate seeds?

                              1. Eight precious pudding, a Chinese sweet rice dish, decorated with 8 types of 'jewels' (candied fruit of various sorts).


                                1. Seedless grapes strung on a thread to make a necklace for each diner? (To eat, I mean, not to wear.)

                                  1. Get some pearl candy (looks like pearl beads) and use them on cookies.

                                    Or just make candy jewels. They are not that hard to make, just need to pay attention to temperature and be very careful not to burn yourself. Here's a good page with pictures of each step, and instructions:

                                    1. Well, these are some terrific ideas, thank you! I think our crowd would go for the pomegranate jewel cake. If we were in berry season, the prosecco gelee definitely!

                                      1. Google "Sea-Glass Jello/Gelatin".

                                        A shimmering but simple fruit salad combo is fresh blueberries, thin circles of peeled kiwi, and halved seedless green grapes (or the tiny seedless green ones from Asian markets, left whole), sprinkled with sugar so that the juices form a syrup that makes the fruit sparkle. This combo would be lovely atop a pastry-cream filled fruit tart or in a trifle.

                                        Don't forget starfruit, aka carambola, if you find good ones. They are tart so they need sweetening, but they are pretty. I once did the blueberry thing with golden kiwi and starfruit.

                                        1. I have a Persian recipe you might like. It's similar to what someone mentioned earlier. People rave over this:


                                          Check out the reviews!

                                          1. I might be a bit late here, but I saw this through serious eats and thought it would be perfect:

                                            1. Others have mentioned Jell-O possibilities, and that's what came to my mind too.This Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O Mold is a showstopper. People absolutely love it. You could alter colors to suit your wishes. The key is using a good angular Bundt pan, not a smooth one. I call it Edible Ephemeral Art.


                                              1. OK this isn't a dessert, and it's probably after your event, but I saw this today and immediately thought of this thread: http://www.thekitchn.com/for-a-gorgeo...

                                                1. Could make some cookies with a red jelly in the middle and have some cutouts on the cookie wafers.

                                                  1. We did have the pomegranate jewel cake, which was pronounced delish by all. I mixed the pomegranate juice with some pom. molasses, added a little more sweet-tart to the whole affair, and served with an orange scented (zest) sweetened whipped cream.