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Apr 25, 2013 08:34 AM

Taco John's or Taco Bell?

For me, it's Taco John's all the way! I love the taste. We have a Taco Bell that is closer, but I bypass it to head to TJ's. Which is it for you?

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    1. I do not grace the steps of Taco Bell and have not since high school.

      I love Taco John's, sadly we do not have them in my area. When we take road trips West, that is the fast food that I choose to hit up on the road.

      1. Taco John's all the way however, it is no longer available where I live. I only have Taco Bell or a plethora of the 'Berto type places. When we get up North (Montana or Wyoming) we schedule a visit to Taco John's. I miss there potato oles.

        1. Taco John's!!! Spent so many nights there in high school and still make a special stop whenever I get back.