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Apr 25, 2013 07:50 AM

San Jose kosher options

I have a friend who will be in San Jose next week for work. She will have access to a car, and is wondering if there is a supermarket near there with a decent selection of kosher food.

Also, there appears to be a kosher restaurant in the area, Jerusalem Grill And Bar. Is it the kind of place that she could bring her coworkers? Is there anything else in the area she should know about?

Thanks for any advice and recommendations.

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  1. Useful restaurant updates/opinons on this thread.

    Pars kosher market in San Jose. Or, if she's in Palo Alto for whatever reason, Mollie Stone's.

    Any California market would have the usual bread, cottage cheese, hummus....

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      I hadn't found that other thread in my search, so I appreciate the link, and the information on the market. I'll pass it on to my friend.