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Apr 25, 2013 07:49 AM

Best Deep Dish Pizza

Greetings from Toronto. We'll be there the weekend of May 10th, and are looking for recommendations for a good pizza joint (preferably deep dish since we don;t get it up here). We're also likely to be going to Second City, so any resto rec's around that area would be welcome as well ($30 and up). If there are any new and innovative options in and around the Golden Mile area we would be happy to know about those too.

Many thanks fellow Chow Hounds!

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  1. For dinner around Second City a few places come to mind. Perennial Virant (American) is just a few blocks north of the theater. Adobo Grill (Mexican) is located in the same building as Second City and Bistrot Margot (French) is located a few blocks south. Those would be my top picks but there are a lot of restaurants in the area to choose from if you are looking for anything particular.

    1. For deep-dish, any location of Lou Malnati's or Pizano's is a great choice. Each has several locations in the greater downtown Chicago area. You don't mention where you're staying or spending time; if you'd like to do so, we can tell you which of their locations are closest. (I assume this will be a different night from Second City, but if not, the Malnati's at 1120 N. State is closest.)

      For dining near Second City, I agree with the recommendations from Coogles. You can also check out these discussions for additional recs:

      1. Thanks for the rec's/ We'll be staying at the Radisson Blu not far from the Golden Mile. As I recall, Chicago has some really good Mexican, so thanks for the suggestion!

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          If you're interested in Mexican you might also want to consider Salpicon, it is about 3 1/2 blocks south of the Second City theater on Wells and many consider it a bit higher end than Adobo Grill.

          1. re: Paula from Toronto

            I know the area well and just had my parents at that hotel, its quite nice but ask for a room facing the park. In the planned community below the hotel there's a nice breakfast (all day really) diner call Eggy's. Much better than the standard hotel breakfast you'll get and quite fresh in my opinion. It gets really busy by 10AM on weekends--Chicago is a brunch kind of town.

            just an FYI, it's the Magnificent Mile (North Michigan Avenue).

            since it's also getting nice out, you may want to try for an outdoor spot at the Park Grill about three blocks over in millenium park, just a nice place for lunch if you can sit outside.

            1. re: Paula from Toronto

              Pizano's on Madison is about six blocks walk from the Aqua. If you want to try the original Uno or Due (which are also good), they're only slightly further. With Pizano's and also Malnati's, but not Uno/Due, you can phone ahead with your pizza order and they'll have it ready when you specify, thereby avoiding waiting 30-45 minutes while seated for it to bake.

              If you'd like to try double-crust "stuffed" pizza (another thick-crust variant), there's a Giordano's in Prudential Plaza, only a block from the hotel.

              For Mexican, I agree with Coogles' advice about Salpicon being higher end (and better) than Adobo Grill. (As it happens, I was just at Salpicon for Sunday brunch a couple of weeks ago.) The Rick Bayless places, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, are within walking distance of your hotel. It's easy to get reservations at either for lunch, but dinner can be difficult; if you don't mind eating early, you can arrive 15-20 minutes before they open the door and walk right in, otherwise you typically face a 90-120 minute wait to be seated.