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Apr 25, 2013 07:45 AM

In need of 2 Dinner Recs for our first trip to the Bay Area

Hi All,

Gearing up for a trip to San Fran in May. We will be visiting friends that live in Sausalito. We need your help with the following recs:

Thurs. night dinner- Our flight (SFO) doesn't get in until around 8, so would love to go straight to dinner from there. This dinner should be fun and easygoing, with good drink options.

Saturday night- We would like to treat our hosts to dinner. So either in the city or in Sausalito. Middle of the road, price wise ($15-$30 per entrée). A few restrictions here: 1 picky eater with seafood allergies and 1 pregnant lady.

Thanks in advance for all recs! Looking forward to our visit!

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  1. i think perbacco could be a good choice for the 2nd night.

    for your first night, you will get to the restaurant ~9:30?

    chotto or katana-ya might be a good choice, but probably depends more on where you're staying.