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Apr 25, 2013 06:05 AM

quiet restaurant in west end, near public transportation

Help! I am meeting an old friend for dinner on a Tuesday evening in a few weeks time. We haven't seen one another for many years, and are looking for a suitable location to plunk down and enjoy some reasonably priced food, and where we will not feel rushed.
- it needs to be near public transit, in the west end - I am coming from Mississauga and she does not have a vehicle.
- I don't eat meat, but chicken and fish are fine
- not too expensive (< $40 total for each)

Any suggestions? (thanks in advance)

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    1. Earth looks interesting - thanks!

      1. A couple of places come to mind- Pulcinella's Italian on Lakeshore near Browns Line (on transit route, 2 mins walk from Long Branch GO train).
        Another is Luci's on Royal York near Park Lawn.
        Last a place that I have gone to quite a bit and is much quieter during the week than on weekends is La Veranda- extensive menu and reasonable. Directly across from Royal York Subway Stn, Green P parking across street.