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Amping up Oyster Stew

Making a generous pot of Oyster Stew for dinner tonight, and would like suggestions for herbs/spices to add during the cooking.

Thank you.

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  1. thyme? pepper? hot sauce?

      1. re: wyogal

        Never before.

        Starting with a roux; adding seafood stock, heavy cream, small diced potatoes, celery and onion. Then the oysters.

        So need the seasoning secret.

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          a bit of nutmeg, maybe some bacon? salt to taste.
          If you've never made it, how do you know that this simple recipe is not fine as it is?

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            A little Old Bay Seasoning, a little Worcestershire, and a little fresh thyme would be nice with your basic recipe. Go easy on whatever you end up using so it doesn't overpower your beautiful oysters.

        2. coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass.

          1. Lots of great suggestions, but I'm sort of a purist. Onions, butter, milk, cream, oysters (and their juices), potatoes, salt, liberal pepper and a dash or two of Worcestershire. That's my basic, but once you get the basic down, feel free to play about.

            1. One large bay leaf. One dried Thai pepper-smashed.

              1. I'm so torqued to get this done. Starting the roux just this minute.

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                  What seasonings did you decide to use?

                  1. re: Terrie H.

                    Pretty straight forward: thyme, two small bay leafs, and fresh ground black pepper only. But I did boil the small diced potatoes in a liberal dose of sea salt. Duh, completely forgot to bring the Old Bay to the table!

                    But the stew was delicious.

                    1. Best roux I ever made;
                    2. Absolutely largest oysters I've ever seen. Used two pints of Willapoint Farm Raised. A product of Washington State.

                    Next batch I WILL incorporate some of the other ingredients offered above. Thanks all!

                2. Less is more...if you want it to be oyster stew, it has very few ingredients. Just oysters, their liquor, butter, milk, salt and pepper. One or two oysters per spoonful. You can add all sorts of things, but it isn't oyster stew if you do.

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                    Interesting side note to my prep...

                    I looked at one of the pint containers I set aside after making the stew. There were instructions. Instruction one told me to drain all liquid and rinse the oysters with cold water before cooking. This, I did not do. I'm happy I was oblivious to this product instruction.

                  2. Maybe it's just me, but I would leave out the celery (and old bay, which tastes mainly of celery). I'd keep it as simple as possible....most ideas here are great.

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                      with you on the celery. i dislike it in soups and stews. have entirely stopped using it in stock and broth too. most of it is so bitter now.

                    2. In Maryland it is a very simple affair
                      Just Oysters and their liquor, Butter, Salt and Pepper.(I add a sprinkle of Cayenne)
                      Heat oyster Liquor and Milk (do not boil).
                      Warm Oysters in Butter until they start to curl at edges.
                      Add hot Milk mixture. Season to taste and serve with Crackers.