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Apr 25, 2013 04:37 AM

Best Tool to Julienne Large Quantities of Vegetables

Much as I love my chef's knife, it makes for a slow process when I need 8 cups or more of julienned vegetables.

Is there an electric device that will do this?

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  1. It's not electric, but a mandoline can do that job (among others) and once you get the hang of it, it's fast.

    1. Haven't use one, but there are food proccessor blades for julienned cuts. The quickest, non powered option would likely be a your fingers.

      Personally, I prefer a knife and will use one with a mostly flat edge...either an Asian veggie cleaver ( very fast, but imprecise) or a Japanese Usuba ( very precise, but slow).

      1. Mandoline would be a good tool.

        If you want an electric device which does julienne (and many other task), then probably a Robot Coupe will do a great job:

        1. A food processor will do 8 cups in a flash, but you'd need to get one with a wider mouth, otherwise you'll end up with very short strips. The mandoline solution will beat the knife every time (2-3X faster, if not more, depending on your knife skills) and is a good compromise on cost and convenience.