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Apr 25, 2013 04:27 AM

Cupcake flavors for spring/summer?

I have no ideas on what cupcakes to do for my class! They've had lemon cupcakes and cakes so many times so I would prefer not using lemon as a core ingredient. I want a flavor light and refreshing, and it would be even better if you had a recipe to go along with it! I was thinking mango, but I heard that you can't really get the mango flavor unless you use mango extract which is seriously hard to find so I vetoed it. Any other spring/summer flavors which aren't too sweet?

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  1. What fruits and vegetables do you get this time of year? You could create cupcakes based upon what is in season.

    Mint comes to mind for me as a spring flavour, it goes great with raspberries and chocolate. Zucchini cupcakes and humingbird cake also comes to mind.

    1. Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla marshmallow icing. Honey cupcakes with blackberry icing. Angel food with citrus glaze. Pineapple and ginger. Key lime. Carrot cake.

      1. I'm not really a cupcake fan (too sweet and too much frosting usually) but I made these for my son's birthday and they were absolutely delicious. Having strawberries and lemon in the icing really cuts through the sweetness: Claire Ptak is a baking genius.

        1. You can do a regular yellow or vanilla cupcake, cut a hole in the center, then put in some pastry cream with fine diced mango, or even mango jam if you want mango. Then just frost with whatever frosting.

          It doesn't have to be pastry cream in the center, it can be mango with your icing.

          1. Since you're in Taiwan you probably have access to good guava & coconut. I'd do coconut cupcakes with a guava filling or guava cupcakes with coconut frosting.