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Apr 24, 2013 11:34 PM

Please help a Canadian out with some good ATL take-out

Hi Folks!

I'm a Canadian visiting Atlanta for 4 days, and I'm looking to explore any great take-out that the city has to offer. I've already booked my fine dining choices, so I'm looking to fill the meal gaps with some delicious, inexpensive food. The type of food isn't important: could be BBQ, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, any type of ethnic food etc... The key is to be affordable (under $15 a person) and super tasty. Thank a bunch for your help!

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  1. I think you'll get better recs if you define where you are looking and how you will be getting around. "Atlanta" is huge geographically, and if you don't have a car, for example, then getting recs way away from where you'll be staying won't be much help. Also, is there a reason you are specifically requesting take out...does this mean you don't want to eat in the restaurant?

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      Thanks for the suggestion Carolinadawg. I have a car, and a good amount of free time, so I wasn't that worried about geography. I understand that Atlanta is huge, but if something catches my eye I don't driving a ways to get to it. I suppose I mentioned take out because in my city (Toronto) most of the best affordable food places do not have eat in service. But I would be willing to eat in if it fits the other criteria (inexpensive, super tasty.) So any suggestions would be helpful!

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        Here's an existing post with lots of good suggestions:

        There is a new place in Decatur that sells "indian street food" called Chai Pani that is supposed to be very good:

    2. Nick's Food to Go...great Greek. Close to Grant Park

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        Thanks Rcburli, Nick's menu looks great. Are there any "must-try's" that you would suggest?

        1. re: seanrp

          I think Thursday is pastitsio day. Might want to call and check. When it's gone it's gone.

        2. re: rcburli

          Mellow Mushroom - they're all over Atlanta. Great pizza's, salads and a great selection of beers!

          1. re: chloebell

            Have to respectfully disagree. MM pizza is nothing special. Fun vibe, but the food is only slightly above average.

            1. re: carolinadawg

              Apparently MM was one of my girlfriends hangout spots when she lived there, so its already penciled in. Thanks for the thoughts Chloebell and Carolinadawg.

              1. re: seanrp

                So what are your "fine dining" choices?

                1. re: rcburli

                  'Fine dining' is used for a lack of better term. I'll be hitting Bacchanalia, Holeman and Finch Public House and Empire State South.

                  1. re: seanrp

                    Start Provisions at Bacchanalia is also great for lunch.
                    Taqueria del Sol is also in the same location.

                    1. re: rcburli

                      The sandwiches at Star Provisions look wicked good. Do you have any opinion on Holy Taco, Victory Sandwiches or HD1?

                      1. re: seanrp

                        Don't know Holy Taco.
                        HD1 is overpriced. Nothing special. Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand is much better.
                        Victory is a great spot. Near there too you could check out the Parish Market or get a pizza at Fritti.

        3. best Pizza in town is Antica Pizza
          Best Szechuan is Gu's Bistro--its about a 20 minute run from midtown
          Philly cheesestaek go to Mad Italian--they fly in the rolls every day
          BBQ like pizza is very personal, but i like Pig N Chic--great Carolina BBQ, 3 different home made sauces--they have 3 locations, i like th eone on Pecahtree Indstrial

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          1. re: bobstripower

            Thanks Bobstripower. Antica looks cool, and I love that it is BYOB. Nice little feature.