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Apr 24, 2013 11:32 PM

Sebastopol finds from Sunset Magazine May 2013 issue

There's 2 pages in Sunset Magazine on Sebastopol in the May 2013 issue pg 16 & 18. Hope others read it or can expand on what they find in that town.

The Barlow - new artisan shops, cafes, tasting rooms. Some 2 dozen shops set up in the former apple factory, more coming. 6770 McKinley St;

Merry Edwards Winery - Sauvignon Blanc. 2959 State 116;

Graton Ridge Cellars - have a picnic, play bocce, Petite Sirah. $10 tastings. 3561 State 116;

Iron Horse Vineyards - blanc de blancs, & best views in Sebastopol. Tastings $15. 9786 Ross Station Rd;

Snapdragon Bakery - rustic cafe south of downtown. Known for their seasonal cupcakes - favorites: Meyer lemon, strawberry, & raspberry, lots of butter. 2661 Gravenstein Hwy S/State 116; 707-823-0144.

Bloomfield Bees Honey - roadside shed that sells raw, creamed honey & organic soaps & candles. 1295 Bloomfield Rd;

Twin Hill Ranch - fresh bread, apple butter, & fruit preserves.
1689 Pleasant Hill Rd;

Extra is Renga Arts for a funky locals' gallery. 2371 Gravenstein Hwy S/State 116;

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  1. One board favorite is Hole in the Wall. Nothing wrong with Merry Edwards or Iron Horse but they're among the best known wineries in the area.

    1. I tried looking for a link to the article but couldn't find it. If someone else finds it, please post it. Thanks!

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        The Barlow has a .pdf on its news page. Note that it's upside-down.

      2. During the Gravenstein season, be sure to check out Twin Hill Ranch's apple pie. I prefer it to the more well-known Mom's.

        I've poked my head into Snapdragon (inside the Antique Society collective where Sfoglia used to be) but didn't buy anything.

        After shopping at the Sunday morning Sebastopol farmers market almost two months ago, I wandered around The Barlow grounds to see what was open yet. Not too much then, but businesses are starting to open their doors. One that looked interesting for chowhounds and has just opened this week is Ben Kinmont, specializing in antiquarian books on gastronomy.

        Besides the Sunset piece coming out last week, I also received a copy of the press release regarding the newest farmers market controversy over The Barlow's intent to open a competing Sunday farmers market two blocks away from the existing one. It has not been covered anywhere that I can find that's not behind a paywall, so I'm copying and pasting it here.

        Contact: Steve Howard, Board President
        Three Ox Farm
        Tel: 707-494-5079

        Unified farmers market opposes Barlow’s proposed mega-market – sets the record straight

        Setting the Record Straight
        The Sebastopol Farmers Market is not moving to the Barlow. We will continue to serve the community in the Town Plaza every Sunday. We have also applied for a permit to hold a market in the plaza on Thursday evening to better serve the community and to create opportunities for new farmers.
        History with the Barlow
        Several years ago, after persistent requests from the Barlow, the Sebastopol Farmers Market membership voted to investigate the feasibility of moving to the Barlow if several specific contingencies were met. After two years of negotiating in good faith, the Barlow began to require conditions that were unreasonable and unrealistic.
        Their demands included changing our management team, participating directly in our day-to-day operations, overseeing decisions about vendors and even changing our governance structure. After unsuccessfully attempting to reason and compromise with the Barlow and after receiving feedback from the membership at our annual meeting last December, the Market ended discussions about moving.
        Having failed to win over the hearts and minds of the legitimate 35+ year old non-profit farmer-run Sebastopol Farmers Market, the Barlow is now trying to ramrod its own unrealistic vision of a competing mega-farmers market onto the city of Sebastopol under the guise of fairness.
        Why a competing mega-farmers market at the Barlow is wrong for Sebastopol
        • The Barlow’s proposal would result in competing markets offering identical products for a combined total of 150 vendors. The Sebastopol Farmers Market currently has 50 vendors. The Barlow’s proposed market would make it one the largest combined farmers markets in the state, close in size to the Marin Civic Center market. This is a completely unrealistic increase in vendors and supply in our small town.
        • There has been no professional or 3rd party feasibility study to determine if the Barlow’s proposed mega market can be supported economically. Nationwide USDA research in farmers markets indicates that the average distance traveled by shoppers is 10-15 miles. We know from experience that shoppers from other communities, including the Bay Area, rarely shop in Sebastopol. It’s common sense, people tend to shop close to where they live. The math just doesn’t add up.
        • Two competing farmer markets offering the same mix of products will result in decreased sales for everyone. The experience in Santa Rosa where a second farmers market was forcibly introduced is a good example of the negative impact that can occur. Sales at both markets have dropped, not increased.
        • A second farmers market within a two block radius in our small town will create a divisive and confusing atmosphere with market vendors, city merchants and the community.
        • The Sebastopol Farmers Market is a 100% member run non-profit organization, whose main mission is to support and promote our local food system and provide opportunities for a diverse group of farmers and artisans to earn a living. We are 100% farmer/artisan/crafter owned and managed. In contrast, the Barlow is led by a handful of developers that want to use a farmers market to beautify their development while undermining the legitimate Sebastopol Farm Market.
        • The Barlow is unproven. Their confrontational mega-market proposal demonstrates a lack of understanding of the nuances of running a thriving and successful home town farmers market and the important role it plays in the community.
        Asking for help
        The Barlow’s application for a competing farmers market will be reviewed at a Planning Commission hearing on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, at 7 p.m., at the Youth Annex located at 425 Morris Street. We humbly ask all of you who support the continuation of our beautiful tradition to attend.
        Thank you.
        Sebastopol Farmers Market Board of Directors
        Nathan Boone, First Light Farm
        Steve Howard, Three Ox Farm
        Kelly Roach, Laguna Farm
        Craig Jones, Cosmic Cookie
        Stuart Shroeder, Stone Horse Farm
        George Macros, Earthworker Farm
        Adam Davidoff, New Family Farm
        Cliff Silva, Ma & Pa’s Garden