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Apr 24, 2013 10:57 PM

anyone being to burdock & co

just wanna know your review

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  1. Yes. Ate dinner there last night. Had nearly everything on the menu. Absolutely phenomenal. Dishes can be very subtle but extremely clever or beautiful due to the subtlety. Or, some dishes are so concentrated with flavor that they really blow you away. The room has been changed a lot for the better. Much more open than Cafeteria (which I liked a lot too).

    The wine list is a bit of a natural wine fetishist list, and for that I support Andrea and her crew even more. Spectacular wines at very good prices.

    I can't really express how much I enjoyed my meal and I can't wait to go back.

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    1. re: peter.v

      Sounds great, peter.v. So sad that yet another good restaurant in town has gone the no-reservations route, though.

      1. re: peter.v

        Thanks you for putting your review on my post, I know when I get a chance to go, I have a feeling I won't be disappointed. Too bad on the no reso, cafeteria use to have no reso, but due to public pressure they started taking them.

      2. Just went for the first time last night (Friday). Largely agree with Peter V, food was very good. For two people split 4 items plus the pickled veggies and a desert. High point was the Burdock Sausage, sooooo good. Not everything was a hit, the Casoulet (sp?) was disappointing and the pickled veggies nothing special (also, skip them if you get the fried chicken because they are included in that dish). Not cheap, all the food above plus 4 glasses of wine ran about $100, but not unreasonable given high quality of food.

        Wine list is very reasonably priced but I wish it included more Canadian wines. Beer list is underwhelming.

        Buildout is very nice, combination of small tables, high bar seats, an actual bar, and a shared table. I thought it might get cramped but it never seemed that way. No rez is a little bit annoying, but at least last night, the wait seemed manageable. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

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        1. This review's a bit late but having been there a couple weeks ago I had a good time and the food was very competently prepared and conceived.

          I had the spot prawn boil and the fried chicken. Spot prawns were large and freshly killed to order, the yogurt dip wouldn't have been my choice of condiment but it was a satisfying dish. The chicken was tasty and with the various garnishes resembles a pacific north west version of kaarage. Finished it all with the yogurt with honey and nuts, which, while isn't particularly complicated had really good texture (custard-like) and was strangely satisfying.

          It's actually a bit sad to see this place savaged on a lot of mass-opinion restaurant review sites (you know which ones) for being expensive... The chef has a stellar history of using great local produce and having to work with the same producers myself it makes me a bit sad that people aren't aware of how much local asparagus costs or that they expect to be served large platters of garbage food. However I think that's a little besides the point.

          1. Time for my belated review too! I found myself in the neighbourhood of Burdock & Co., a bit peckish and with 45 minutes to kill. I was able to get a seat at the bar, no problem - it was just shortly after they'd opened for the night.

            Chef Andrea Carlson was in the kitchen the whole time I was there, carefully preparing components and demonstrating plating of certain dishes to a new sous-chef. She seemed to be taking a lot of care with all the staff to ensure that everything was being prepared to her standards and specifications. She was also very nice to talk to, happy to discuss ingredients and preparations, and make recommendations for my choices.

            Since I was on my own, I only had two dishes, the fried chicken and pickles, and the salted caramel apple pot pie dessert. I also had the lavender's blue non-alcoholic cocktail. Everything was delightful - the cocktail was balanced, refreshing, original and very tasty.

            The chicken/pickles - this was a stellar dish! Everyone has been complaining so much in various forums about the small portion sizes, but I thought it was very appropriate. The charred chili vinegar, or whatever it was drizzled on the plate, was sooo delicious - I was close to licking the plate, to get it all. The pickles were on point, and I have nothing whatsoever bad to say about the chicken - and I have very high standards for fried chicken.

            The pot pie was quite tasty, though it is perhaps not the most original offering out there. The crust is gluten-free, which I find pretty shocking, since it was so well-executed. In both texture and taste, it was outstanding pastry.

            All in all, the food was great, the room was lovely, and I felt very welcomed, well-treated, well-informed. I'm excited to go back with my partner to try more of the menu!

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            1. re: StarryFork

              Was there last night with a few friends, I too was concern about the reviews of small portions and poor service.

              We had a great time, service was very friendly and attentive. I'm going to say this about service in general - the energy you put out, is usually the energy you get back in this city. The more positive energy you put out the more approachable your table becomes for your server.

              I thought everything was fair value for its size except for the spot prawns. Perfectly executed but 6 prawns for $24 I thought was light, would of liked 8 for that price.

              Agree with with StarryFork about the Chicken and the vinegar sauce - Tasty and you've donating $1 for charity. The Pie is good!

              1. re: moyenchow

                Finally got to B&Co on Tuesday night, impromptu celebration of a new car purchase. Good news: they are now taking reservations for the regular tables on the south side of the room (bar stool semi-communal tables and actual bar still first come).

                For $91 tax and tip in, we had: fried chicken and biscuits, quail cassoulet, lamb neck, burdock sausage and pickles plus a sleeve of Driftwood's fine Farmhand Saison for the SO

                The chicken was perfectly fried, the biscuits were the right combo of crunch and fluff, and the buttermilk sauce was tangy. I didn't love the gastrique (?) but that is more a personal preference than a commentary on quality and it was easily avoided. I ate most of this dish as the SO doesn't "get" fried chicken, lucky me. The quail had the right cook, the lentils were savoury. Lamb neck was my least favourite but again only because I don't worship at the lamb altar. The risotto was more al dente than we're used to but not a problem and was also presented in what I think is a Venetian style whose name escapes me, quite loose and liquidy but very good indeed. The SO gobbled up the sausage which was just his style. I could see and taste the quality but I like a different type of sausage. I liked the pickle dish more than the SO did, who found it a bit one note. I'd order it again but he wouldn't.

                We were both almost too full so portion size was in no way an issue for us. I was sad to have to pass on dessert and may order one dish less next time to accommodate that!

                I did wish we had gone for the uni chawan mushi with Dungeness crab once I saw it on the table next to us... let's hope Chef Carlson keeps that dish for a while! Toying with going back on Monday night with a visiting CH so may have a report soonish.

            2. Went back to Burdock & Co. recently for a dinner with our inlaws, and after ordering the Alkaline noodles, I have discovered my new food obsession. SO FREAKIN' DELIGHTFUL! Creamy and spicy and nutty and noodley and crispy.

              I actually dragged Mr. SF back for a quick dinner last night so that I could have this dish again, and I swear it was even better the second time. If you're a meat eater, I highly recommend the crispy beef brisket add-on. This is definitely one that I'll be trying to duplicate at home, and well worth a visit to the restaurant.

              Alkaline Noodles w/ Spicy Almond Sauce, Braised Burdock, Greens (V) 13 (add Crispy Beef Brisket 3)

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              1. re: StarryFork

                Oh man.....I live 10 minutes away and am seriously thinking about putting the artichokes back in the fridge and giving those Alkaline Noodles a try.....

                1. re: Quattrociocchi

                  Alkaline Noodles Alkaline Noodles Alkaline Noodles Alkaline Noodles Alkaline Noodles!!! Crispy beef brisket??? Die die must try!

                  1. re: dennisthefoodie

                    So did you guys go yet? Dennisthefoodie I enjoyed your BFC writeup so much, I'm excited to hear what you have to say about the Alkaline noodles.

                    Also I think we could start a punk band, and use the above as the lyrics to our first hit track.

                    1. re: StarryFork

                      gonna try to get in tonight...attempt to make a reservation failed :(

                      shonen knife could totally do an awesome aklaline noodles two three four!!

                      1. re: StarryFork

                        Wow, that was a great dinner! A bit pricier than I usual do, but entirely worth it! I went for the Alkaline Noodles but really enjoyed the other dishes as well like the Hazelnut Gomae with Fiddleheads and Pea Tips. Check my blog for more pics and thoughts.

                        Pic of the Alkaline Noodles.

                  2. re: StarryFork

                    Just got back from dinner there and agree that the alkaline noodles are seriously good. Thanks for the tip! Also loved the smoked mussels.

                    1. re: À la carte

                      And you didn't call me? ;-) My second visit to B&Co was also great, particularly the sunchoke terrine. It may be my favourite place in town for this type of food, with Farmers' Apprentice.

                      1. re: grayelf

                        Sorry, was a last minute decision! Originally intended to go to Tsuki but they don't take resos for fewer than 4 people and didn't have anywhere to wait comfortably. We had a nice glass of wine at the bar at Burdock and they actually seated us quite quickly. No uni chawanmushi unfortunately (I was really hoping for that) but I'd be happy to go back for more alkaline noodles and smoked mussels :-) Their brunch menu looks good too (alkaline noodles with poached egg, mmmm...) so we may try that soon.

                        1. re: À la carte

                          Went back to Burdock for brunch to try the alkaline noodles with poached egg, as well as a few other things. Their brunch menu has a number of repeats from the dinner menu, so we got a couple of things we'd ordered before, such as the ragout and the gomae, as well as the eggs on salt cod cakes, wheat berry risotto, clafoutis and maple bacon. Unfortunately, this time around, the alkaline noodles were rather bland and unexciting. Our server was extremely gracious and offered us another chance at the noodles; they were better the second time around but still nowhere as good as the ones we had for dinner. Similarly, the gomae was too heavy on the sauce, which was also rather bland, as were the salt cod cakes. The ragout and wheat berry risotto were very good, but I found the bacon too sweet (that's my personal bias however, my companions ate it with relish). Can't speak to the clafoutis, as I skipped that one. The final verdict for me is that I'll stick to dinners at Burdock.

                          1. re: À la carte

                            Agree 100% with a la carte's assessment, as a fellow diner that day. I have been impressed with my three dinners but I'm thinking maybe brunch needs a little tweaking. I tend to enjoy the non-Japanese influenced dishes the most, perhaps because I eat a lot of Japanese food?

                            1. re: grayelf

                              Our first meal there was superb, but subsequent visits have been underwhelming. Our sun choke dish even had a sizeable rock in it last time. Luckily I caught it before it reached my molars.