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Apr 24, 2013 10:05 PM

Is Richmond interested in creating its own Street Cart/Food program like Vancouver?

Wondering if any one has heard if the city of Richmond is looking into starting its own Street Cart/Food program similar to Vancouver?

Saw a pair of City of Richmond Firefighters asking a few of the downtown Street Cart owners about things like venting systems and requirements for fire suppression systems.

They look like they were on official business as the officers had 8 x 11.5 photos of the food carts that they wanted to speak with.

Why would the Richmond Fire Department need to go on a fact finding mission unless the city of Richmond was interested in starting a program and needed guidelines from the fire department to prevent fire hazards.

Something to think about.....

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  1. Yep! starting May. I haven't seen details anywhere though.

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks Fmed.

      I'm not too familiar with foot traffic patterns in Richmond... is Westminster Hwy & 3rd Road a good spot for street food carts?

      With May 1st rapidly approaching, surprise there has not been more press about the pilot project.

      1. re: moyenchow

        There's a certain amount of foot traffic @ that intersection Yes but as we all know Richmond is in no way a pedestrian friendly place.

        Nowhere to sit nearby either I mean ZIP for benches anywhere-and why would there be-to watch traffic roar by?

        1. re: moyenchow

          Article says: "Sidewalk vendors could be serving up food in downtown Richmond by next May.

          On Thursday the city issued a request for expressions of interest for sidewalk vending services at Westminster Highway and No. 3 Road.

          As a pilot project, city hall is opening up three corners of the busy intersection to food vendors and other sidewalk retailers. The city will select up to three vendors in total for the project, expected to begin May 1, 2013, according to the proposal document."

          The story sounded speculative to me. Who knows, the project could be delayed for a variety of reasons. The fact that there's no 2013 updates to this story suggests it's probably not on track time-wise or scope-wise. But I hope I'm wrong.

          Re: traffic patterns: I was in transportation planning/engineering in a past life. There really aren't any great spots in and around downtown Richmond where pedestrians and passersby can easily enjoy peaceful roadside eating. Good .... really good public space in Richmond doesn't exist (not counting Steveston Viillage, Terra Nova and the dikes). I can only think of some spots around city hall and Minoru Park, but they're far and away from the activity core of #3 Road corridor between Westminster Hwy and Capstan Way.

          Maybe as downtown expands westward towards River Rd and Olympic Oval, where Richmond plans for a Coal Harbour or False Creek-like higher density, mixed-use community that there'll be more and better public space options like we have in and around downtown Vancouver:

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Thanks for the insight Sam & LR. Foot traffic and resting spots are critical to street cart success. I think that's why the ones near the Art Gallery are doing well - good combination of both.

            There maybe some progress regarding food carts considering the "Fact Finding" mission I spotted the Richmond Fire department on.

            I wonder if there has been any opposition from the numerous restaurants that operate in that area which may have delayed this pilot project.

            The article states that the carts have to serve different food than nearby eateries then I guess no Chinese food at the carts. Will fish & chips, wraps, grill cheese sammies do well in the area?

            1. re: moyenchow

              I think that there is plenty of foot traffic at Westminster/3 Rd. The Skytrain station there will guarantee plenty of it. Not many places to sit, but there are built-in benches all along and underneath the tracks. I'll see if I can find out what's new with this initiative.