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anyone knows what pressure cooker they use on Iron chef (2013)

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I have been trying to find this out for some time now?

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  1. Fagor Duo. Though this was the brand NOT used for pressure cooking recently, this is not the same model.
    Fagor makes a unique model that is only sold at Macy's.

    When used for cooking, Fagor pressure cookers are perfectly safe.



    1. Here a picture

      1. Looks like a 10 qt. Fagor to me. http://www.cookswarehouse.com/fagor-d...

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          Yes, that photo looks like a Fagor to me too.

        2. I just recall the conical top of KR.
          """On Iron Chef, I could not survive without a pressure cooker for braising, since I only have an hour to cook," says Michael Symon - New Iron Chef Megatalent.""