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Apr 24, 2013 08:15 PM

Favorite Asian Dishes

I'm looking for your favorite 3 dishes for each of these cuisines:


Anything in those cuisines you wouldn't want to eat? Anything deserve special mention? The question goes out to non-natives mainly, but I'd be interested to see how these lists compares with native or Asian-Am responders.

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  1. Don't eat much Thai or Filipino.....


    any kind of homemade clear soup

    steamed or pan fried whole fish with ginger and scallion

    roast suckling pig

    1. For Chinese:

      Cantonese steamed rock cod with ginger and green onions
      Beijing duck
      Stir fried scallops

      1. Thai-Miang Pla Tu
        Chinese- Fish fragrant aubergine with pork
        Filipino- Palabok

        1. Thai- Prik King (red curry with green beans and protein)
          Chinese-won ton soup
          Filipino- don't know the name but a noodle dish with cellophane noodles and ground pork, I believe.

          1. Just 3 each? :-)

            Gua Tiew (dry or wet, the best version of which I had on Kho Phi Phi)
            Tom Yam

            pretty much any Sichuan dish (hot pot, mapo tofu, dry-fried green beans, chicken with hot peppers, etc. etc... the list is truly endless)
            Peking duck
            Cantonese roast pork

            I've only had lumpias which I loved. Not familiar with any other dishes....