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Favorite Asian Dishes

I'm looking for your favorite 3 dishes for each of these cuisines:


Anything in those cuisines you wouldn't want to eat? Anything deserve special mention? The question goes out to non-natives mainly, but I'd be interested to see how these lists compares with native or Asian-Am responders.

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  1. Don't eat much Thai or Filipino.....


    any kind of homemade clear soup

    steamed or pan fried whole fish with ginger and scallion

    roast suckling pig

    1. For Chinese:

      Cantonese steamed rock cod with ginger and green onions
      Beijing duck
      Stir fried scallops

      1. Thai-Miang Pla Tu
        Chinese- Fish fragrant aubergine with pork
        Filipino- Palabok

        1. Thai- Prik King (red curry with green beans and protein)
          Chinese-won ton soup
          Filipino- don't know the name but a noodle dish with cellophane noodles and ground pork, I believe.

          1. Just 3 each? :-)

            Gua Tiew (dry or wet, the best version of which I had on Kho Phi Phi)
            Tom Yam

            pretty much any Sichuan dish (hot pot, mapo tofu, dry-fried green beans, chicken with hot peppers, etc. etc... the list is truly endless)
            Peking duck
            Cantonese roast pork

            I've only had lumpias which I loved. Not familiar with any other dishes....

            1. Thai
              Red Curry Chicken

              Dan Dan mein in a peanut sauce

              Bicol Express

              1. Hi JungMann -

                For Thai, we love the curries, but I don't cook them much as my kids can't take the heat my husband & I love... My kids do love the sates though, and the Thai marinated steak. I also love pad Thai and green papaya salad.

                Chinese, well, I grew up on NY Chinese American, and it is very hard to find out here in LA. I love the char Sui ribs, moo shu, Peking duck, egg rolls, lo mein and fried rice.

                Filipino, I have not had much Filipino, but I go to a Filipino market sometimes to pick up fresh fish & veggies. The things I am familiar with are the fried stuff like lumpia. I would love to try some lechon. But I do make pork adobo, which we really like and I got the recipe from a Filipina FB friend.

                As far as what I won't eat, I won't eat most of the super obscure regional Chinese that is prevalent in one area of my city; there are just too many things in it that would squeem me out.

                And there is no way, even on a drunken dare, would I eat Balut. That shit is scary.....

                PS - miss your drool-inducing posts on the WFD thread.... Hope all is well with you!

                1. Chinese is a pretty wide field....

                  OK, for Chinese, I like Ma Pa Tofu, Char Siu Bao, dry-braised beans. I don't like gall bladder as an ingredient in tripe soup, which IMHO ruins an otherwise good dish.

                  Thai: Tom Yum, Duck Noodle Soup, Panang Curry

                  Filipino: not familiar enough with it. The half-grown duck eggs I don't think I'd like to try. Anecdote: I do nature programs for San Francisco primary school kids. Recently, I had a group of 4th grade boys; we came upon a pair of ducks, and one of them remarked that his grandparents ate balut, which of course led to a discussion of the grossest things people eat. I offered up milk, because, well, think about it....

                  1. CHINESE
                    - Pickled daikon
                    - Dumplings
                    - Egg tarts

                    - Nam tok moo
                    - Khanom bua loi
                    - Som tam

                    - Tapa
                    - Laing
                    - Halo halo

                    1. I love red curry chicken and any Thai soup.

                      I like so many Chinese dishes, both authentic and Americanized...but my favorite is spicy green beans, cooked they so they are wrinkled and dry looking.

                      The only Filipino food I have had is adobo, so chicken adobo it is!