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Apr 24, 2013 07:23 PM

Sweet Lobby on Capitol Hill - Report

A lot will be made of the macarons here and perhaps the cupcakes. One the latest trend, the other maybe a fading trend. Neither are top notch. Macarons are too sweet. Cupcakes a bit too dense.

What is really exciting about this small dessert store are the unusual eclairs. They are shaped like flying saucers. They are a large dessert for only $2.75, so they are the bargain of the lot. I tried all three flavors on display: a floral combo, passionfruit green tea, and chocolate caramel. All were excellent, though it is really hard to resist the caramel.

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  1. Got donuts? That seems to be the latest cupcake replacement craze.

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    1. re: MikeR

      Good point! No donuts....

      But it does make me think about my recent trip to GBD Chicken and Donuts. A donut there is about $2.50 and the eclair at Sweet Lobby is $2.75.

      The eclair at SL is so far superior to the donut at GBD, they should not even exist on the same planet. Like comparing a dry-aged ribeye to cube steak.