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Soup for a new Mama

I am signed up to deliver a meal to my friends who just had a baby. For practical reasons, I'd like to take a soup, green salad, and bread. She doesn't want anything too spicy as she is nursing. However, i want to make up something comforting and delicious. I am happy to make my own stock. Anyone have any great recipes they would like to share? Note: They have no food allergies or aversions...just not too spicy. Thank you!

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  1. pasta fagiole is my go to for new mothers. my friend is expecting her third and has told me she's looking forward to me bringing another batch..... i keep the pasta separate

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      cream of potato
      roasted tomato bisque
      corn chowder

      all easy to make, some a little time consuming.

      need help with any I'm happy to oblige

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        Do you have a special recipe you use?

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          i can approximate the method if you'd like.... let me know. it's what i bring to all new mamas.

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          I love pasta fagioli
          but then I love pasta and beans in a rich sauce.

          found this and it looks great...


        3. Chicken and wild rice soup? I make one with leeks, carrots, zucchini,and mushrooms. (I don't like onions or celery that much, so I use leeks and shallots instead.) A little white wine. Sometimes I throw in some barley with the wild rice. Italian herbs. It freezes well.

          1. Chicken consommé poured over some gently blanched spring peas and diced carrots and sweet potatoes.

              1. I can't resist pointing out that there is no reason a nursing mother cannot have spicy foods, or anything really. Myth unless the baby actually has a reaction.

                pasta fagiole is a great choice, half frozen
                also, fresh fruit by the bucket
                and cupcakes

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                  Unless the new mother doesn't prefer to have anything too spicy as stated in the OP...

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                    Agreed. I'd suggest that OP ask the family what they'd like and cook that. At this point in their lives, "the best surprise is no surprise at all."

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                      I'm going to politely disagree. Having done this myself twice in recent history, I was so tired and the worst feeling was trying not to snap a people who all wanted to do something nice but required me to decide what that should be. I'd suggest you make something that 90% of Americans would like and don't ask anything but which day to bring it. And please send it in a disposable dish or something that doesn't have to be washed and returned.

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                        I don't totally disagree with you. If there's a second parent in the house who might be slightly - and only slightly less exhausted - an email (not a phone call) might elicit some faves. When I asked one daughter, she practically begged for some Hazan's Bolognese sauce. She received A LOT of it frozen in 2 cup portions. And, yes, definitely re the disposable dishes. We try to be part of the solution not the problem :)

                    2. Avolegmono soup is the most comforting soup that I know. I grew up with this soup instead of chicken soup. Most people love its richness and uniqueness but that it still has the comfort of chicken soup.


                      1. Potato Leek made with chicken stock (for protein) and
                        Spinach Salad with Dates and Almonds from Jerusalem (which I have made for two dinner parties in the last month and people go out of their way to say how good it is)
                        (of course leave the salad undressed and ingredients in separate containers)
                        and maybe Biscotti for dessert

                        1. The Chinese believe in a post-partum soup of pigs feet, ginger, and black vinegar, and also a soup known as 'drunk chicken' soup. Of course, they also believe that a new mom shouldn't wash her hair for 30 days....

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                            Interesting,as I was about to recommend a variation on Black Chicken Soup which I thought was the traditional Chinese "first meal after a baby."

                            My rec would be SamGyeTang

                            or the Black Chicken made with whatever hen is available:
                            [video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18l7Bo...

                            Drop by your nearest Asian store and look around-- there should be preassembled bags containing all the standard ingredients for both soups. Here's a great pic with some instructions:

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                              My Korean cookbook lists a simple seaweed soup with a small amount of beef in it as a traditional soup for new moms, to restore strength and vitality. I'm not sure I'd cook that without clearing it with the new mom first, but I just thought I'd share that.

                              If I were sleep-deprived new mom, I'd be absolutely thrilled if someone made me a large batch of totally-from-scratch healthy chicken or turkey soup/stew with an assortment of vegetables. You could make rice separately and give her a number of small containers or baggies of the rice for freezing, so it doesn't bloat in the soup and suck up all the liquid. I know the OP has been tasked with making one dinner, but a big pot of soup can be enjoyed several times over. A salad, obviously, is perishable and should be intended for only a meal or two.

                          2. :) I am reading this with a just-fed newborn over my shoulder and my first thought was - you are so kind! I am sure she will appreciate not having to cook. My second thought, however, was that I have hardly eaten a thing in the last three weeks that wasn't hand-held, or able to be consumed using only a fork or large spoon, one-handed, because chowpup is a constant presence. I'd aim for something thick, stew-like, maybe? Just not too brothy. eLizard's pasta fagiole sounds amazing!

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                              Now that's the smartest thing I've read here!!! When our granddaughter was a few weeks old, holding her (which was almost a fulltime job in the beginning) meant eating with one fork or one spoon and even that was frequently off to one side, maybe on the arm of the sofa. Great advice and congratulations!

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                                I was going just coming to post that soups easily sipped from a mug are greatly welcomed to new moms as well as one that are better on the warm vs hot side. Much easier to eat when you are trying to get the newbie to eat too or when they are sleeping on your shoulder.

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                                  Like the idea of sipping from a mug. Pureed would work great that way.

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                                    I drank a lot of soup/broth from a mug when my daughter was a newborn. It was comforting, not too heavy, and didn't suffer to much from popping in the micro over and over to reheat.

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                                  Thanks for the congrats! Yeah, Mr Tacos has gotten really good at turning my meals in to something he can wrap in to a big flour tortilla, so I can manage one-handed. I told him he's going to be the master burrito roller, if we ever start a taco truck!!

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                                  Ha ha. Ive often thought I could make a fortune by rebranding nursing covers as bibs for new mothers.

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                                    You mean "Hooter Hiders"????? :)

                                4. Two soups to recommend: onion soup and carrot ginger soup (from 150 Best) made with homemade chicken stock. Both freeze well.

                                  I recently took a bunch of food to a new mom - when I asked her what she needed, the answer was "something for the freezer". So, I made a bunch of Bolognese and another of mild flavourful chicken curry. Packaged into 2-cup canning jars and brought along some good dried pasta and rice (easy to make but not always on hand).

                                  1. I now have a simmering pot of butternut squash soup simmering on the stove top in my DO. Definitely a one handed soup, but with a stick-to-your tummy thing. Huge with the vegetables which is great, and good for both mom and a "possibly" nursing mother. We are also having some chicken quesadilla's with ours, which is also a "one handed" bite. You could supply the soup, tortillas, cheese, chicken, and whatever else you think they might like as condiments. Just a thought.

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                                      I'm trying to train myself to just hit "recommend" when I agree. But with this, I really, really agree. Really good thoughts.

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                                        I really like the idea of this. Especially because its a full meal, but not something that has to be reheated at once (like lasagna). And everyone gets to eat what they want. Plus...leftovers.

                                      2. My friends keep requesting Turkey Parmesan Meatball Soup with Escarole. You can get the recipe on Epicurious. Very tasty...yet light and healthy. I never get tired of it.

                                        1. Wow, thanks for the responses! I spoke with my friend today and asked what her favorite soups were. She responded, "All soups!" She is really sleep deprived and I like the idea of soup from a mug : ). Great feedback everyone.

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                                                Yes! I usually make it very thick. That way husband can eat it (like a stew) and I can thin it down and sip it.

                                            1. watched Giada make a ribollita soup/stew on her show a few hours ago. I'd adore it if someone brought that to me. love that kind of comforting heartwarming soup.