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Apr 24, 2013 07:22 PM

Soup for a new Mama

I am signed up to deliver a meal to my friends who just had a baby. For practical reasons, I'd like to take a soup, green salad, and bread. She doesn't want anything too spicy as she is nursing. However, i want to make up something comforting and delicious. I am happy to make my own stock. Anyone have any great recipes they would like to share? Note: They have no food allergies or aversions...just not too spicy. Thank you!

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  1. pasta fagiole is my go to for new mothers. my friend is expecting her third and has told me she's looking forward to me bringing another batch..... i keep the pasta separate

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      cream of potato
      roasted tomato bisque
      corn chowder

      all easy to make, some a little time consuming.

      need help with any I'm happy to oblige

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        Do you have a special recipe you use?

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          i can approximate the method if you'd like.... let me know. it's what i bring to all new mamas.

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          I love pasta fagioli
          but then I love pasta and beans in a rich sauce.

          found this and it looks great...

        3. Chicken and wild rice soup? I make one with leeks, carrots, zucchini,and mushrooms. (I don't like onions or celery that much, so I use leeks and shallots instead.) A little white wine. Sometimes I throw in some barley with the wild rice. Italian herbs. It freezes well.

          1. Chicken consommé poured over some gently blanched spring peas and diced carrots and sweet potatoes.

              1. I can't resist pointing out that there is no reason a nursing mother cannot have spicy foods, or anything really. Myth unless the baby actually has a reaction.

                pasta fagiole is a great choice, half frozen
                also, fresh fruit by the bucket
                and cupcakes

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                  Unless the new mother doesn't prefer to have anything too spicy as stated in the OP...

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                    Agreed. I'd suggest that OP ask the family what they'd like and cook that. At this point in their lives, "the best surprise is no surprise at all."

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                      I'm going to politely disagree. Having done this myself twice in recent history, I was so tired and the worst feeling was trying not to snap a people who all wanted to do something nice but required me to decide what that should be. I'd suggest you make something that 90% of Americans would like and don't ask anything but which day to bring it. And please send it in a disposable dish or something that doesn't have to be washed and returned.

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                        I don't totally disagree with you. If there's a second parent in the house who might be slightly - and only slightly less exhausted - an email (not a phone call) might elicit some faves. When I asked one daughter, she practically begged for some Hazan's Bolognese sauce. She received A LOT of it frozen in 2 cup portions. And, yes, definitely re the disposable dishes. We try to be part of the solution not the problem :)