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Apr 24, 2013 06:19 PM

Rossie/ West Rox eats

Between Redds, Pleasant Cafe, West on Center or any other suggestions?

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  1. Masona Grill on Corey Street (near Roche Bros.) in West Roxbury.

    1. Delfino's in the square for excellent italian, Shanti 2 just opened in the old Rialto Pizza location and has been consistantly good whenever I've gotten it for take out. The Pleasant of course for old school dining charm, and prices to match. I have enjoyed meals at Phuket for thai in W. Rox., there's a lot of good cheap take out joints too on Center Street in W. Rox as well, bahn mi's, burritos, BBQ etc. that I love for take home.

      1. Depends on what kind of meal you are looking for. Of the three my favorite is Redds. Porter Cafe in West Roxbury is a great place too.

        1. Red-Eyed Pig is pretty good BBQ for Takeout (or perching on a little ledge)

          1. Delfino's, Masona Grill, Sofia's steakhouse for upscale, Himalaya, Pleasant Cafe for casual.