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Rossie/ West Rox eats

Between Redds, Pleasant Cafe, West on Center or any other suggestions?

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  1. Masona Grill on Corey Street (near Roche Bros.) in West Roxbury.

    1. Delfino's in the square for excellent italian, Shanti 2 just opened in the old Rialto Pizza location and has been consistantly good whenever I've gotten it for take out. The Pleasant of course for old school dining charm, and prices to match. I have enjoyed meals at Phuket for thai in W. Rox., there's a lot of good cheap take out joints too on Center Street in W. Rox as well, bahn mi's, burritos, BBQ etc. that I love for take home.

      1. Depends on what kind of meal you are looking for. Of the three my favorite is Redds. Porter Cafe in West Roxbury is a great place too.

        1. Red-Eyed Pig is pretty good BBQ for Takeout (or perching on a little ledge)

          1. Delfino's, Masona Grill, Sofia's steakhouse for upscale, Himalaya, Pleasant Cafe for casual.

            1. The Spring Street Café in West Roxbury is a good alternative to the Pleasant Café. Though I love the hustle and bustle of the Pleasant, I sometimes want someplace that is a bit more quiet.

              The café is small with seating split between tables and booths. Patrons range from young/older couples to families to adult foursomes.

              Spring Street has an eclectic dinner menu strong on Italian fare balanced nicely by seafood, chicken, beef, burgers, sides. The beer/wine menu is adequate and the homemade bread is ever so good. Though I have enjoyed only dinners there, friends and family frequent it often for breakfast. Again, homemade baked goods.

              Spring Street Café is definitely not fine dining but it offers well-prepared and reasonably priced dishes served in a comfortable setting.

              It is located at the very end of Spring Street in West Roxbury at the Dedham line where Spring Street intersects with the VFW Parkway. There is ample parking behind the restaurant.

              1. I don't know if you're looking only for restaurants, but I just tried Baker Baker (right next to Spring Street Cafe, mentioned below, and I gather both bakers either used to work or still work at SSC) and picked up an oreo whoopie pie that was pretty good. Not perfect (the pie part was a little too dense for me, but the cream filling was light and delicious), but I'm going to take a chance and order a birthday cake from them this weekend. Small space with very friendly staff and good-looking assortment of cookies, cupcakes, pies, bars, etc.

                I second Phuket for tasty (albeit probably not the most authentic) Thai in a nice setting; lunch deals are an easy, cheap way to sample the menu, and dinner prices won't break the bank either.

                Seven Star Street Bistro on Belgrade in Roslindale has pretty good takeout (lo mein, pork buns, pork strips, dumplings are our favorites). The wait times can be ridiculous but they're pretty upfront about them and also deliver.

                Diane's bakery in Roslindale Square is an old-school bakery with incredibly good cupcakes, all-butter chocolate chip cookies (as well as those that aren't all butter), danish, birthday cakes, etc. The prices are really low and the woman with the glasses who works the counter is super friendly and loves kids.

                Not a huge fan of Fornax except for their breads, West on Centre (everything sounds good on paper but I find their food to be bland and boring), or Sugar (food is better than WoC but overpriced and usually served with a side of attitude/carelessness).

                1. Masona Grill and Redds are far and away much better than Pleasant or WoC.
                  I find WoC just backs the Sysco truck up to the kitchen door. Pleasant is just an old school bar that happens to have food. most of it not good.

                  Went to see some music at Brich Street Bistro, didn't eat but the food going by looked pretty good. which would be a welcome change for BSB.


                  1. Redds in Rozzie is definitely my favorite in that area but West Rox has some good options that have popped up in the last few years, it used to a wasteland.

                    Porter Cafe is a comfy Irish pub that has a looong beer list and delicious gastropub food.

                    The banh mi place on Center (can never remember the actual name) is absolutely delicious and the best deal in town for around $5 a sandwich, but it closes around 7pm and is also closed on Sundays so I often miss it. It's best for take out or a quick bite, not really for eat-in. Same for Amigos Burritos and Red Eyed Pig on the same block.

                    I never have had any luck at Masona Grill, but guess I should try it again.

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                      I never have luck at Masona either. I'll never go back!
                      I just read that the Upper Crust in WR is closing and that a new restaurant will open in it's place. I can' wait to hear what is coming.

                    2. Posted about this years ago in another thread - here's an update, including some places not mentioned below:

                      Banh mi ngon - the new wrox viet sandwich place. Excellent, cheap. A great addition. The other new-ish places on that block are not that interesting (Mexican & gross faux-BBQ).

                      Himalayan bistro- still very very good. Spicy means spicy. Diverse menu including some unusual things. Weekend lunch buffet is very tasty.

                      Rox Diner- high quality old fashioned diner food. Haven't been for dinner but it exists now.

                      Village Sushi- not terrible sushi, but regulars know to get the bi bim bap in the stone pot which rules.

                      Sophia's- a neighborhood scene. Food is loved by some, I think it's pretty good in a trans-Mediterranean hodgepodge kind of way. Good for drinks and snacks.

                      Pleasant cafe- don't hate on old school greatness. Pizza, beer, fried seafood, weekly specials. Anything else you're on your own.

                      Diane's bakery - yes, hidden gem. Like the world's best supermarket bakery.

                      Haven't tried the west African place yet...

                      1. West on Centre was chosen for us and while it was a great place to get together, nothing stood out('cept the Sysco truck).