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Apr 24, 2013 05:26 PM

Best Sunday lunch in Paris?

Hi everyone! My husband and I are taking the overnight train on a Sunday night in July (one week after Bastille Day) from Paris to Florence, which means our final meal in Paris is a Sunday lunch - and we'd love to make it an amazing meal. And therein lies the challenge. Do you have any faves that you know are open for lunch on Sunday? I'm not terribly worried about the budget, so all ranges of dining would be welcomed, and we would lean towards classic French cooking (though we may not get to be that picky!) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me!

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  1. One restaurant that comes to my mind that is open on Sundays is L epicure, Eric Frechon at the hotel Bristol. I think most michelin starred restaurants are open only in week days.

    Also Le Jules Verne, the restaurant of Alain Ducasse on the Eiffel tower is opened every day for lunch and dinner. You can see my review here but i dont know if the menu dejeuner is available on weekends for lunch.

    1. Drouant in the 2nd is nice for a Sunday lunch. The pâté en croute is amazing, and the plat du jour is always poulet roti on a Sunday. It's not bargain basement, but won't break the bank.

      1. A good solid (but I wouldn't call it amazing) French Sunday lunch can be had at Axuria.

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          If I may ask, what would your recommendation be for an 'amazing' French Saturday Lunch (< € 50 per head)in Paris, There 1st week June with wife, one day. Location not an issue- as long as public transport takes us there. Cuisine- French, one of us vegetarian. Ambience not as important, but would love to go to a place where food is religion. Always enjoyed reading your posts, thank you for your contributions.

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            "would love to go to a place where food is religion"
            If food is religion, why o why would the word vegetarian be in the same parag ?
            Try to reduce your ambition to very good.
            Le Café des Musée always has a vegetarian main.

        2. Any idea if menu dejeuner available on Sunday at les tablettes ?

          1. The word "best" has no meaning.
            Fave spots, yes, and others have had good suggestions.
            My fave lazy late lunch Sunday is Café des Musées, with a very local crowd, and a staff in much friendlier and more mellow mode. Last time I was there for Sunday lunch, we chanced upon présalé on the day's menu. Byzance !

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              And you're right..."best" is uselessly vague. Fave is indeed what I was going for! Many thanks for your thoughts, everyone! We get a meager three days in Paris, and I *so* want to make the yummiest decisions!

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                I picked Café des Musées not only for the food. The food is very good bistro food, but not virtuoso like the starred places ( most of which are not open wkends). Sunday lunch has a social-cultural specificity in France. It is not brunch, ciel ! It is a very lazy, leisurely affair, often with family, therefore a very local, very French (vs tourist) moment, an atmosphere not found in every place. When I think Sunday lunch, I think of taking a long time finishing the last drops of a good bottle. Eating slows down, drinking slows down, desultory conversation halts and resumes, everyone is vague and smiling. Brasseries like the old Coupole and Balzar were such perfect spots. The old Couple even had a great curry, a real Sunday tiffin, LOL.

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                We are a few days away from our trip to Paris, and I wanted to thank you all so much for your advice! We have dinner reservations at Le Cinq, Les Papilles, Joséphine Chez Dumonet, & our lazy Sunday lunch will be spent at Café des Musées! While our dinners are planned (unless any of you talk me out of our three choices!), our breakfasts, lunches & the hours in between are not. Our hope is to soak up Paris and allow spontaneous moments to simply happen (though I've [oxymoronically] got oodles of notes on fabulous little places to try around Paris in case we're in the vicinity!) I'll report back on our experiences in case they might help any of you in return!
                Merci to all!