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Apr 24, 2013 05:17 PM

I-35, Dallas to OKC

Looking for a place to stop for dinner along I-35 between Dallas and OKC. Any suggestions? Don't want to venture too far off the interstate. We're open to anything, just want a good dinner.

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  1. Need the same recommendations...going the other way OKC to Dallas! Thanks, all.

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      You might want to post this on the DFW board. Lots of great Hounds there who've probably ventured to OKC.

      The problem is that with a 3 hour drive, over 2 hours of that will be a food wasteland. Being a college town, Norman will have great places but you probably won't want to eat 20 minutes after you get in the car.

      McGeehee's Catfish Restaurant in Marietta, OK is pretty famous. My parents took us there as kids 30+ years ago. Beautiful setting but about 15 miles off i35. I just googled it - looks to get about a 4 rating.

      Sanger, TX is about 20 miles south of the OK border. There's a Babe's Chicken Dinner House on the square, just a few blocks from i35. Babe's is a fun place - not gourmet by any means - but a place we take out-of-town visitors about once a year. The drive from Sanger to Dallas is about 40 miles.

      Sorry I couldn't help more. I do think the DFW board would give you more ideas. I make the trip to Norman once every 2 years, but we don't stop to eat on the way. Here's the link for Babe's:

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        Thanks, so much. Great idea about DFW board and thanks for the suggestions provided.

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          McGehee's sounds amazing. It is probably the only restaurant in Oklahoma with its own airport. Yes if you have your own small airplane, you can land just outside the front door.

      2. I'm sure you don't need this info now, but...There's several places right off the highway.

        At exit 31A in Ardmore is Two Frogs Grill on the east side of l35, great food, more upscale, steaks, etc.

        At exit 51, Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies, sweet and savory, on the west side of I35.

        At exit 72 in Paul's Valley on the east side of l35 is an old fashioned hamburger/shake place: Ballard's.

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          Thank you very much. Make this drive a number of times per year, I will use these ideas.

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            Thank you for the Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies recommendation! We went there about 9 this morning on our way to Norman. The place was packed. Two of the kids got savory pies, while I got a plain cherry one. They were all fantastic.

          2. Oh silly silly Brian! Not only does The Wily Post Airport in Bethany, OK, has its own restaurant, which is very exciting dining on balmy weekend mornings.

            As an aviator, you might be interested to know that Clarks Outback in Tioga, TX, which is not far for a pilot, also has a pad for the airborne.

            Check out Mom's Café and The Mule Barn, in Justin, TX not so far away from Aero Valley in Roanoke, TX.

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            1. re: KendallSue

              I didn't know Clark's had an air pad. Definitely worth a flight! I ate there with my siblings over the holidays. Our dad is buried near there. Clark's ribs were outstanding, as always. The place seems as popular as it was 25 years ago.

              It's definitely a destination restaurant. Blink and you'll miss Tioga, and that's not exaggerating at all.

              1. re: KendallSue

                Thanks for this! I don't fly but I am considering ordering Clarks Outpost brisket online.