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Apr 24, 2013 04:58 PM

Noise Level - Twin Cities Restaurants

In the last years, I've been having a harder and harder time enjoying restaurants because the the noise levels. I want to talk to people when I'm eating and conversations become disjointed when I have to ask "What? What? and when I have to repeat myself in a louder voice.

I try to arrange dates for off hours, but that is not always possible. I just had breakfast on Saturday at Firelake in the Radisson downtown and it was relatively quiet. Maybe restaurants in hotels are the best bet.

What restaurants do you know of that are at comfortable noise levels during meal times?

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  1. W.A. Frost and Blue Point in Bloomington aren't too bad.

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      I would second the recommendation for WA Frost. I feel 'calm' eating there, if that makes any sense.

      Craftsman is generally at the right sound level to have a nice conversation, but I do tend to go there during off-peak hours.

    2. We just returned from an anniversary dinner at Cafe Lurcat. Our reservation was at 7:00 and the place was hopping. We were able to hear one another, but I couldn't always hear our server. But the noise level wasn't so great that we wouldn't go back.

      We've never had a problem at Saffron no matter how busy they are.

      I don't understand why some restos seem to think their patrons enjoy screaming at one another for the evening. There are many we just won't return to for that reason.

      1. Sapor
        La Belle Vie
        Heartland bar (quiter than the dining room)

        I'm sure I'll think of others

        1. Along with the others mentioned already:
          Cafe Ena
          Grand Cafe
          Corner Table

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            For various reasons, I've not been to Corner Table in a few years. But my last experience there was different - remarkably (since I remember it) loud. Perhaps I was there on an unlucky night or things have changed.

            Besides the noise, we had a great experience. Unless noise is a factor for you, I'd recommend Corner Table.

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              I like Cafe Ena but I would not put in the quiet category. It was noisy last Monday and it was only 1/2 full

            2. Origami is normally pretty subdued.