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Apr 24, 2013 03:28 PM

private San Francisco room for party for 25?

I'm just starting my research for a place to hold a July family event for a group of 25 or so. It would be a multigenerational Saturday party, noon - 3pm, in a private space where people could circulate and then sit down for lunch. I'm imagining a 3 course menu with 3 choices of entree and 1-2 choices for appetizers and desserts.

Looking for an inviting room (window a plus) with a fun and not too formal atmosphere. Food should also be fun, hopefully delicious and not overly fussy. It's a family celebration rather than a gourmet gathering.

Off the top of my head, I'm looking at Original Joes on Washington Square where the private rooms are retro cool. Food is not gourmet but is solid if you have some nostalgia for 50's Italian-American style. Atmosphere is lively and the location is great.

Any Chowhound suggestions as to places we should consider?


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  1. Kokkari has the spaces, but if Original Joes is your price range you might find Kokkari a little expensive.

    1. I always suggest La Mar. on the Patio.

      and check out Absinthe for their PDR

      1. Also in the not-gourmet category, Delancey Street is across from the Embarcadero at Townsend and has private rooms with decent sun. They're very accommodating to children, and they have good bagels, eggs, and sweet potato pie.

        A Chinese banquet is a very economical way to go, if it would work for your family. 1/2-1/3 the cost of Kokkari or La Mar, and lots of private rooms.