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Apr 24, 2013 03:02 PM

A no-kids restaurant in Alexandria, VA

Coming to the Del Ray section of Alexandria, VA, a sushi place that will not serve anyone under 18.

Now personally I like the idea. I am so tired of going to high-end restaurants only to have to listen to a screaming kid or watch kids running around the restaurant. But this is not a high-end restaurant. This is a neighborhood joint. Casual. In a neighborhood full of kids.

Good idea, lousy execution?

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  1. They say they've got support from locals, but I don't see it. Del Ray is a VERY family-centric, walkable neighborhood that embraces children. There are so many young families.
    I'm on the fence here. Sushi is generally casual, not jacket and tie, and should be easy, breezy and approachable.
    What if Mom and Dad want to give their kids the sushi experience? There's really no other shushi restaurants there in the heart of Mt. Vernon Ave.
    This basically translates into doubling the cost of going out for sushi if you have to hire a sitter.

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          Excellent point! Looking back on the things I complain about on here, there's not a single mention of starvation, political coups, malaria, etc.

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            There is a Chowhound video on 7 ways to get ketchup out of a glass bottle.....

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              Firegoat, you crack me up. Thanks for the laugh. :)

      1. re: monavano

        Take out is always an option for sushi if you would like to expose your children to it. There are so few places that offer this option for couples without's nice to have a place recognize that not all of us enjoy dining with kids.

      2. It would be one thing in a different area but people eating in the restaurant probably live in the area and want a quick dinner and it's a family area for the most part. I think they're cutting off a huge part of their market. Running, screaming kids don't belong in ANY restaurant but allowing kids doesn't necessarily mean that any more than saying allowing adults to have alcohol means loud obnoxious drunks.

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          I should add I have no problems w/ the concept. I just think the neighborhood won't sustain it. Do it in the city or an area w/ condos, etc. Kingstown would be perfect.

        2. On second thought, I'm calling bull$hit on this no kids policy.
          Look infants and toddlers maybe. You can't control crying etc, but well behaved kids who are almost adults is insane.
          What's it to you if a youngster is sitting at another table, well behaved and enjoying their meal? Seriously, when parents go out without their kids, does it spoil things to even just LOOK at another one?
          I think the owners will be rethinking this, especially in Del Ray.

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          1. re: monavano

            After reading the article, it makes more sense to me. If the neighborhood is as family-oriented as that, it follows that the restaurants in the area would tend to be kid friendly and have lots of kids present. If every other restaurant is full of kids, it makes sense that it could pay off to have the one place where there aren't any.

            1. re: MelMM

              I suppose it will be polarizing, with arguments on both sides having valid points.
              I just don't get extending the banned age all the way to 18.

            2. re: monavano

              I've had more than one meal in which the kids were more well-behaved than their parents.

            3. I no longer live in NoVa, but thought I'd weigh in as a mom of 2: I have no problem with this, and might even like the idea to spread. I love that my kids are mini-foodies, even as babies, and wouldn't want every restaurant to have this policy certainly, but as long as it's stated in advance, I would LOVE to be able to go out without the kids and not have to go high-end. I adore my kids, but sometimes (like date nights) I don't want to see ANY kids for 3 hours. (Plus, TMI here - I'm still breastfeeding, so a crying infant causes me physical pain and can shorten/ruin an evening, so the guarantee I won't run into kids would be an added blessing.)

              1. I am very curious to see how the business fares. I live in Alexandria and have sushi-loving teens. I can see limiting strollers and screamers but I'm unsure what is to be gained by banning older kids who are paying customers - my 15 year old can eat far more sushi than I am interested in eating and minds his manners.

                There are lots of affluent families here with kids who are adventurous eaters, world travelers, and perfectly capable of eating nicely in restos.

                But, hey, it is a free country. We'll see what the market can bear in this case.

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                1. re: tcamp

                  I wonder if they will card people as the come in or just judge based on appearance or the party they are with. A 15yr with their parents is okay, a pre prom party of 16/17/18yrs okay, but a group of 15/16yr isn't.

                  1. re: viperlush

                    Yes, sticky wicket.
                    "Hey, let's try to sneak John, Jr. into the sushi place..."

                    1. re: viperlush

                      I'd like to see that happen. Since every other person in Alexandria seems to be a lawyer, I can almost see the fur fly.

                      I am going to stop by there this evening to see if it is open yet.