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Apr 24, 2013 01:29 PM

Belgian Food (Carbonnade, Moules-Frite)

Is there anyone within fifty miles of Berkeley doing moules-frites and a beery carbonnade?

If not, can someone take a sabbatical from work and open a restaurant doing moules-frites and a beery carbonnade?

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  1. I assume you've already made the rounds of the various Belgian-beer-focused beer bars around town (La Trappe, Monk's Kettle, Trappist)? I know Trappist had a carbonnade on their menu a few months ago, but no idea if it's still there - never got around to trying it.

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    1. re: Spatlese

      Trappist does not have carbonnade on the menu.

      On a related note, they are re-working the menu and have moved lunch service to the front bar.

    2. I suggested La Trappe to an out of town visitor born in Belgium. She was quite excited until she saw the menu and then nixed it since the food was Flemish. The old antipathies continue.

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      1. re: SunsetKid

        This is really strange. I'm a Walloon and I can assure you that Flemish regional food is eaten and appreciated by the vast majority of people in in Wallonia.

      2. Plouf used to do good moules-frites but I haven't been in a few years.

        Luka's Taproom does Belgian-style fries but their mussels are PEIs.

        A Cote does great mussels but their fries are pretty un-Belgian.

        1. Rendez-Vous in Albany does a decent moules-frites, but it's a French place so no carbonnade. I didn't think their daube had much depth of flavor, so it's probably just as well. (I have a great recipe though, if you want to go over to the home cooking board.)

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            Nizza la Bella around the corner also does moules-frites. I haven't had the mussels in a long time but the fries are always good (though not Belgian-style).

          2. Frjtz does moules-frites. Belgian-style frites are good, I haven't tried the mussels.