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Apr 24, 2013 01:09 PM

Pralines in Milwaukee?

OK, it's like this: I have been helping a friend plan a trip to New Orleans and suddenly and mysteriously find myself jonsing for pralines.

Does anyone know of a confection anywhere in Milwaukee or vacinity that makes a good New Orleans-style praline?

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  1. This is probably NOT a help, I haven't been there in years, but the candy counter at the Boston Store at Grand Ave used to have them. Not sure if it even exists anymore. That and the last time I visited Daly's pen shop on Burleigh he was talking about not renewing his lease at the Grand. That place was awesome.
    What happend to the Grand is a crime.

    On the plus side, a friend who is a refugee from Katrina living locally I just emailed and am hoping for a reply. If you need eateries off the beaten path, she used to be a professional reviewer and knows many of the chefs there if you need suggestions (she just visited some old haunts last week).

    1. Bad news
      From my friend:
      No. Her best bet is to order them.

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        Send me an email to exvaxman at sign yahoo dot com and I can forward you my friend's living local suggestions. Too large for this forum. She did give me permission to do this.

        However, I will be out of town until late tomorrow. Due to my anniversary and my better two thirds.

        1. re: exvaxman

          Thank you; I'm good on the N.O. recommendations as I've been there many times. I'm just hoping to find pralines locally. But Southern Candymakers does have some of the best.