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Marrow - New in Uptown, Oakland

Marrow just opened this week in Uptown, it's located in the former Looney's BBQ space. Looks to be a direct competitor to Stag's Lunchette.

They had about 4 sandwiches (grilled cheese, asparagus, pastrami I think, patty melt), a salad, fries, strawberry shortcake and a few other things.

I ordered the patty melt and fries and am extremely pleased. The patty melt is delicious, not salty like I usually find them. The fries are thin, shoe-string-like, which are my favorite. I'm actually slightly hestiant to write about them because I don't want the lines to get long like at Stag's! But this place is a great find. I think it's even better than Stag's.

I did a quick internet search and the owner used to own a food truck called Jon's Street Eats. They butcher their own meat in-house and try to use all the parts.

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    1. had food at jon's street eats before. great food!

      325-19th St.
      Oakland, ca.

      1. Marrow opens at 8am with a very narrow morning menu- today it was house-made yogurt and granola, biscuits and gravy and coffee.

        I got the biscuits and gravy. Each biscuit was topped with a poached egg, with a generous amount of sausage gravy, arugula strewn about and a bit of paprika. There was an underlying sweetness in either the sausage or the gravy itself, which wasn't a problem once I balanced it with homemade hot sauce I had from elsewhere. The arugula, which could also be a problem, turned out to lend it a nice, light peppery touch. I'd order this again, being sure to have excellent hot sauce on hand.

        1. East Bay Express review--definitely looks worth a try:


          1. I had the grilled cheese and the beef-fat fries for lunch about a month ago. Everything was tasty, and the rest of the menu looked good.

            1. I returned to Marrow intending to get the breakfast sandwich but when I saw seared pork terrine on the board it was clear the sandwich would have to wait.

              The half-inch thick rectangle of terrine was presented on a bed of arugula, topped with salsa verde and accompanied by a lovely poached egg and grilled bread. The rich, crusty brown exterior of the terrine gave way to rich, unctuous, intensely porky meat with bits of gelatin, and the runny poached egg sent the dish over the top. It was absolutely delicious.

              These guys deserve a medal for serving such a dish at 8am downtown. My only problem will be finding something its equal for lunch.

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                  I forgot to mention that- an absolute steal at $5.

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                  I work very close to Marrow. The food is delicious, and rich. We've enjoyed the staples (Reuben, Patty Melt) and the specials. The salads too shouldn't be overlooked. They had a King Salmon cobb salad on the menu the other week that was great and lighter than their usual fare.

                  That said, we work so close that for the sake of our health, most of my officemates go out of their way to avoid Marrow and save up the calorie splurge.

                  Stag's, nearby, has a little more variety on the menu with things changing weekly. And a bit more of a range of options from the decadent to lighter fare. Different places and both worth the destination if you don't work nearby.

                  It's great to have so many wonderful options nearby that have opened in just the past year. Within two blocks you have Marrow, Stag's, Tea Here Now (nice baked goods and light breakfast and lunch options) and Duende (tortilla, small sandwiches, paella Fridays) during the day.

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                    yea, this is what's keeping this place from being higher on my list... don't like the idea of "saving up to splurge" for a meal.. would rather feel good about what i'm eating and have what i'm eating make me feel good, while also tasting great and satisfying. lots of places that strike this balance quite well around here

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                    That seared pork terrine with 63°C (145°F) egg is fantastic. It was $11 but more than a sandwich helping.

                    Beef fat fries were really good. Fried apple pie (butter crust, fried in beef fat) was tasty.

                    Looking forward to going back to try the pastrami.

                  3. I realize I mischaracterized the eggs in both the biscuits and gravy and the pork terrine- they are 64-degree eggs, not poached.

                    The terrine was back on the menu this morning for the first time in awhile.

                    1. Marrow recently began brunch service; I went yesterday, and it was fantastic.

                      Biscuits and gravy with perfect biscuits, duck sausage gravy and roasted cherry tomato-sized potatoes and pearl onions, topped with frisee and another green and soft-cooked duck egg was fantastic.

                      The corned beef hash I had 2 bites of (with two perfectly-fried eggs; Jon knows how to cook eggs really, really well) may have been better, but I'll go back weekends for the biscuits and gravy.

                      More staff on hand than during the week, which helped as the small space was quite full around 11am.

                      Marrow is certainly the most interesting brunch option going in the area. Service begins at 10:30, both Saturday and Sunday.

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                        So you were the one who bought out all the biscuits and gravy so that there weren't any left by around noon! ;-)

                        The third option available yesterday, "grits and greens," was also really good and rich, though I wished for a little bit more of the greens.

                        FYI, my sense is that the brunch options will change from week to week, so I wouldn't bank on the biscuits and gravy always being available. (I don't think the chef had that on the debut brunch menu, for instance -- there were some kind of sourdough griddle cakes instead.)

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                          I'm certain it'll change, though Jon did tweet he'd make twice the duck sausage today.

                          Photo of the griddle cakes here:


                      2. This place is fantastic! I agree - I have hesitated to post anything, because I don't want to stand in line. But they deserve attention. Right now serving fresh ears of corn - grilled and the slathered with a lime aioli and cheese. Oh man! Their sandwiches (pulled pork, patty melt) are wonderful, and their burgers and fries are top notch. Milkshakes are small - but so rich - topped with real, hand whipped cream - that they are enough for two. Anyway, everything is good. Menu changes daily, posted on big torn sheets of brown paper on the wall. You can go to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marrow... to see what's being served.

                        1. My god, I was disappointed in this place. Burger patty thin, not juicy, sauce weird and not to my liking. Fries OK, not really carrying a meaty/tallow-y flavor, way oversalted. Will not be returning.

                          I am aware that my opinion is not shared by the majority here.

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                            I think your complaint about the meat has to do with the fact that it's grass fed beef. Typically not as fatty, but in my opinion excellent flavor.

                          2. According to their FB page Marrow has closed at their current location and are looking for a new spot.