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Apr 24, 2013 12:51 PM

Marrow - New in Uptown, Oakland

Marrow just opened this week in Uptown, it's located in the former Looney's BBQ space. Looks to be a direct competitor to Stag's Lunchette.

They had about 4 sandwiches (grilled cheese, asparagus, pastrami I think, patty melt), a salad, fries, strawberry shortcake and a few other things.

I ordered the patty melt and fries and am extremely pleased. The patty melt is delicious, not salty like I usually find them. The fries are thin, shoe-string-like, which are my favorite. I'm actually slightly hestiant to write about them because I don't want the lines to get long like at Stag's! But this place is a great find. I think it's even better than Stag's.

I did a quick internet search and the owner used to own a food truck called Jon's Street Eats. They butcher their own meat in-house and try to use all the parts.

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    1. had food at jon's street eats before. great food!

      325-19th St.
      Oakland, ca.

      1. Marrow opens at 8am with a very narrow morning menu- today it was house-made yogurt and granola, biscuits and gravy and coffee.

        I got the biscuits and gravy. Each biscuit was topped with a poached egg, with a generous amount of sausage gravy, arugula strewn about and a bit of paprika. There was an underlying sweetness in either the sausage or the gravy itself, which wasn't a problem once I balanced it with homemade hot sauce I had from elsewhere. The arugula, which could also be a problem, turned out to lend it a nice, light peppery touch. I'd order this again, being sure to have excellent hot sauce on hand.

        1. East Bay Express review--definitely looks worth a try:

          1. I had the grilled cheese and the beef-fat fries for lunch about a month ago. Everything was tasty, and the rest of the menu looked good.