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Apr 24, 2013 12:21 PM

Place to have tea on Saturday before Mother's Day

I am looking for a nice place to take my mother for high tea on the Saturday before Mother's Day. The Trinitarian Church in Wayland did a nice one a few years ago, complete with men in kilts serving tea, and a string orchestra from Berklee College of Music. However, it seems like it was a one time thing. I want to avoid going into Boston, if possible. I got an email about one at The Sherborn Inn, but it was $50 per person, plus 18% gratuity; that seems like more than they charge in Boston! Any ideas for around the Metrowest area? Gore Place is having one, but it is ON Mother's Day; I am looking for a Saturday place. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Tea Leaf in Waltham (on Moody Street) does an afternoon tea. There is another place in Wellesley, Dorset Cafe that also advertises afternoon tea. I haven't been to either, but have wanted to try.

    If you are willing to venture into Boston, L'Espalier does a spectacular afternoon tea and has the expertise of Cynthia Gold, who is one of the few tea sommeliers in the world to guide their tea selection. The full course of sandwiches, pastries, petit fours and tea will run you $40 per person (excluding gratuities). Well worth the money as the teas are perfectly brewed, the service attentive and the surroundings lovely. My DH and I have sampled numerous places in Boston for afternoon tea and so far, L'Espalier has been the most impressive.

    I hope you find a wonderful place to spend the day with your mother. Let us know where you end up!

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      The Tea Leaf is a pretty odd place, altho the food is okay. It is overcrowded with stuff. It would work for sitting and chatting with a friend, but I wouldn't take your mom. Dorset Cafe also doesn't have much atmosphere, but the tea is fine, and there's nothing odd about it. Personally, I'd get in the car and go to the Wenham Tea House.