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Apr 17, 2002 07:05 PM

Taylor Ham??

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Just moved to Austin a few monthes ago from New Jersey and I am now severly craving Talor Ham. I have been on a mad search and I am wondering if maybe I have overlooked somewhere that may be selling it in the Austin Area.

In my search I was told that HEB will sell it on a trial basis and if it fails they will sell me a huge roll of this (bigger then a salami roll not sure what I would do with that much of it).

At any rate this is my last ditch effort before going to the extreme (ordering from Boars Head or porkrollxpress).


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  1. I used to buy it as a treat for my Jersey ex at Central Market's deli counter.

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    1. re: Greg Spence
      Joe Woelfling

      Try the following website.

      Pricing is good, but shipping costs can be high.

    2. If you can find it let me know. I agree a 6lb roll is a little much but after 12 year of of looking I carry some back in baggage every tip back home to NJ

      1. Every HEB and Central Market I've been to carries it... I used to have a roommate from Newark.

        1. I moved to Texas three years ago and so far have found that Market Street sells taylor ham. I haven't yet discovered a diner that serves it, (not many diners in Texas, either). To aid Jerseyites who miss the food back home I started a blog, If you've found where to find subs, pizza, taylor ham--anything with the taste of the Garden State, check out the site and let us know where them.

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            Oops, incorrect posting, so I deleted it.

          2. Any former Jersey natives from the Paterson area?? In Houston,, I go to the deli section at Central Mkt.. If I could only find hard rolls (w/poppy seeds ala NJ),, it would be magic!