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Apr 24, 2013 11:10 AM

HAIL FSM!~ Din Tai Fung to open @ Americana

wowowow, no longer having to drive to SGV would be long as the Americana markup isn't ridiculous.

"Din Tai Fung at Americana, which Caruso declared, "one of the greatest Chinese restaurants in the world," will serve a cadre of noodles, pot stickers, fried rice, soups, and truffle dumplings. At this point, the famous xiao long bao, or mini soup-dumplings, will only be available on the weekends. Debut date for DTF is as early as September 15,"

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  1. It will probably be about 19 or 20 bucks for an order of dumplings. But hey, it may save some gas for some.

    But from West LA to Glendale or Arcadia ain't much idfferent.

      1. re: kevin

        flying spaghetti monster (see: wikipedia)

        1. re: ns1

          On the Chowboard, Flying Orrechiette Monster.

          1. re: ns1

            The very very appropriate diety for a foodie*. :-)

            *Disclaimer: "foodie" used non-pejoratively. Use of "foodie" may cause wet mouth, weight gain, and unusual food cravings.

            1. re: PeterCC

              Don't make me quote from the Chowhound manifesto...

              Diety - Hilarious! I like how you misspelled 'deity' on purpose to propagate the irony.

        2. Yesss! Now maybe the lines at arcadia can die down a bit so I can go without ridiculous waits!

          Not understanding the weekend only xlb tho... That's kinda what ppl go for...

          1. Just good to see that DTF is going to "ROC" the Chinese food scene in the greater LA area a bit...(g).

            I predict that your "Debut date" will become the "Dispute Date" or perhaps the "Debate Date" as well...

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            1. re: Servorg

              I'd rather DTF move into ROC's space (not to wish ill upon ROC, just much prefer DTF).

              1. re: PeterCC

                Well, with this move into the Americana space your wish may come true yet (not in the ROC space, but on the west side somewhere else).

            2. So what would make Caruso so knowledgeable about Chinese restaurants?

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              1. re: Tripeler

                Caruso is actually Chowhound extraordinaire chandavkl !!! Not.

                1. re: J.L.

                  Hey Mr. Caruso...How about one at the Grove?