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Apr 24, 2013 10:32 AM

McAfee's Benchmark Old No. 8 Brand. Bourbon...

Found this line tucked away on a bottom shelf at a party store I frequent. Label says Distilled, Aged, & Bottled by Buffalo Trace Distillery. $9.96 for the fifth.

What will I find in the taste and quality of a pour?

Should I go back and buy out all the stock in the store?

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  1. It's quite good for the price. I have a buddy who champions the stuff and frequently brings it to parties so I've casually sipped it a few times. That said, it's not some undiscovered holy grail, nor is it in any danger of vanishing, so buying it in mass quantities seems unnecessary. I can get Elijah Craig 12 around here for about seven dollars more when it's on sale (which is seemingly every other month) so I'd be more apt to drop the extra few dollars on (IMO) the better bourbon, but from my limited experience, Benchmark is as good as you'll get in a sub $12 bourbon.

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      Thanks for the comments T B C.

      Sampled it last night. Recognized the Bourbon notes in the drink, but think it lacks "nuance".

      I might buy it again, but also might stick to Ezra Brooks, George Dickel and Elijah Craig when choosing a brown drink.