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Apr 24, 2013 10:26 AM

graduation dinner for 9- italian (not family style, traditional, little italy type)

my family is coming to town and we are having a celebratory dinner for my graduation. we have all agreed we want italian, and i would like to take them somewhere similar in style to osteria morini. I loved the food there, but it was very loud, and they only do prix fixe for large parties- we are 9.

I have called several places and its apparently very hard to make reservations for large parties. i don't want a prix fixe menu or be required to eat at either 6 or 9 pm, which is what some restaurants are doing so their large table is always in use.

any suggestions? Somewhere between midtown and tribeca would be best. further south the better. Also, i enjoy the rustic atmosphere, wooden tables, etc. but not TOO casual. And a place that is too loud wont work either

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  1. Try Aroma on Lafayette. They have a room that might be perfect. The only issue is that the downstairs can be an issue with for people with mobility concerns.

    1. We just got a graduation reservation at Hearth. Good to very good food. Nice atmosphere. Not too loud, from my two weekday visits. Decent, if somewhat disorganized, wine list.

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        I would not consider Hearth an Italian restaurant which is what op requested.

      2. Lupa may be able to give you a table/reservation in their room in the back.

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        1. re: comiendosiempre

          Good suggestion. We had Easter dinner in the back room last month and it was definitely quieter than the front room and Osteria Morini.

        2. Saw your request and I'm not sure if I'm thinking this through but how about Ciano? I like the food, it is rustic inside, not too casual, but you'd have to check on the other details. I also like A Voce (Madison).

          1. Either Aurora or Pepolino.