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Apr 24, 2013 09:54 AM

MKE north, Spartan Gyro is now making their own corned beef

76th and Mill. I have been sending people there for their home made pastrami, glad to see he is doing his own corned beef as well.

I haven't tried a direct taste test against House of Corned Beef yet, but house is a far larger and more expensive sandwich. Be warned though, the Spartan Pastrami is huge and is enough for two meals.

Don't forget to visit he Hmong mall across from Spartan when you go.

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  1. This is excellent news; I tried Spartan's pastrami [and the Hmong mall] a few weeks ago and loved it! I'll have to check out the corned beef as soon as possible.

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      I really love the owner. When I asked him where the corned beef was from he replied "amateurs buy. Professionals make".
      Despite the Chicago sports stuff on the wall, NEVER make a pro-bears comment in his presence. Long story that I totally agree with being from that era. I still need to bring my kid in to eat sometime to meet a person who hates the bears more than him. BTW he was wearing a cubs shirt today. He drives up from Chicago to run the place.
      On the Hmong mall. Right now 20k sq ft. Expanding to 80k sq feet, 95% leased before the expansion. With no advertising!

    2. Well, I tried it over the weekend, and I cant say I was nearly as impressed as I am with their pastrami. It was sliced very thin, almost like Carl Buddig-type processed stuff, and did not have a real striking flavor.

      I'm going to give it another try as I did not eat the sandwich for several hours after buying it, and I want to give it a fair chance. But so far, it ranks below House of Corned Beef and WAY below Jake's.

      But that pastrami is still top notch!