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Apr 24, 2013 09:45 AM

Jury Duty - Best Dumplings or Dim Sum?

Starting jury duty soon and looking for reco for the best dumplings or dim sum available .......... it's the saving grace of jury duty - lunch in Chinatown!

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  1. What kind of dumplings do you seek? Fried dumplings (guo tie)?

    The Best Fried Dumplings in Chinatown, NYC

    I assume you're on your own so I would probably shy away from dim sum since items tend to come in 3's and 4's as they're meant for sharing.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I eat dim sum alone quite often. I had dim sum the other day and had some Cho (congee) , Lo men gai, had how, peppered beef, and shumai. No problem finishing it. There is not an issue with being alone, but quite often they will seat you with other people at same table. My recommendation for Chinatown dim sum close to jury duty is Hop Shing, or Golden Unicorn. Some might recommend Dim Sum GoGo but I am no fan. Red Egg is too far.

    2. if i had to choose one place for dumplings in chinatown this would be it:

      as far as dim sum goes I'd either go nom wah or dim sum go go

      1. Been down here forever..........

        1 Xian for lamb dunplings in hot sauce. 106 Mosco for the usual fried dumplings with, sadly,watered down Siracha.
        2. Nom Wha for dim sum, excellent food in a cool old style joint.

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        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Actually Nom Wha was top on my list - used to go there with the family when I was little

          1. re: 3017a

            the old owner's grandson took over the restaurant and full re-vamped the menu, the food is way better than it was before (it was terrible before)

            1. re: Lau

              Well, I guess it is time i went back to Nom wah. I haven't been there in decades. I used to go there on Sundays and it was the only show in town. Doyers St. is one of the coolest streets in CTown

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Yes, you should go back. I did, a few months ago, and was very pleased. I consider them best in Manhattan, overall (at least not counting Red Farm, which I've never felt impelled to go to). Dim Sum Go Go is in second place unless they've upped their execution of bao, but some of their dumplings are excellent.

                So my suggestion to the original poster, if s/he wants dim sum, is go to Nom Wah the first day and DSGG the next day.

            2. re: 3017a

              We were at Nom Wah last Sunday. The food was great, especially the shrimp dumplings with pea shoot leaves. I was also very happy with the scallion pancakes and vegetarian tofu skin rolls. The rest of the table loved the made-to-order egg rolls, sweet and sour ribs (better than they look), pork shu mai, sticky rice with Chinese sausage, and soup dumplings. I have to say I enjoyed my 12 oz, $8 mimosa made with Tropicana and (what looked like) Freixenet. A meal for five, including the mimosa and bo lay tea, was $54.