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Apr 24, 2013 09:44 AM

Casual Bachelorette for 6-8pp -- tapas

I'm helping organize a bachelorette evening on May 11th. we're going to the Sox game at 1:30 so we're not going to be very dressy and we're all around 30 and we're not a shrieking, sloppy crowd. I'd love to go to Toro but I think it might be hard (even if we eat at 5 or 6) since we can't make a reservation. Estragon seems a little far since we'll be on public transportation and heading to Davis by the end of the night, possibly stopping to hang out in Central for a while. I'm thinking either Taberno de Haro or Tapeo. Open to other suggestions. I've only really done tapas with 1 or 2 other people so I'm wondering if one of these places would make more sense for a larger group? Is either a better value? hopefully it will be nice weather and we can sit outside since it will be early. Thank you!!

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  1. Taberna de Haro should be perfect for this. They have outdoor seating, great tapas, and are a very short walk to Fenway.

    They also have an incredible Spanish wine list that would be great to explore with a group.

    1. If you're headed to Davis, Dali could be an option too! I'd definitely recommend Taberna de Haro over Estragon.

      1. For a girls night, if you think Central square is possible, consider Cucchi-Cucchi. Huge, fun, girlie drinks. Tapas that are a bit cross cultural. Some nights there is a fortune teller. It's just a fun place for a gno

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          TOtally agree on Cuchi Cuchi. What a blast! The decor of a Victorian bordello and waitresses all dressed up w/ frills and boas and jewelry. Some of the dishes are really excellent; very broad International menu; exc bar. An energetic enthusiasm that is contagious; people really remember their parties there.